TV entertainment format

Making a format is not as easy as it seems, especially when you have only a few weeks to make it. This is why we tried to take advantage of every moment that we have, in order to figure it out what are we going to do. We are already second year students, so we want to make something more spectacular and complex and in a more professional way, especially because the show doesn’t have to be “live”.

We have a wide range of possibilities, and that makes it even more difficult to take a decision about what kind of format are we interested in doing. I started to think about all the formats that I really enjoyed watching and I came with a couple of ideas. I was thinking  about a format similar to “The Gadget Show” or maybe a makeover or fashion show such as “What not to wear”, so I decided to write this ideas on our Facebook group, in order to see what the others think about it. I was excited that everyone liked the idea, but now comes the hard part: how are we going to develop this idea in order to make it different from the Gadget Show. We need to personalise the concept, so we couldn’t make the show about gadgets. We decided to keep the idea of challenges and competitions, but raising it to another level, where everyone can be involved in it. So we decided to make a show about the eternal gender battle.

Now that we have an idea we have to think how to develop it in order to make it successful. We took a look at the essential ingredients of a format in order to see if it has all the key elements needed in order for the format to work:

A simple idea: Both genders think they’re the best so lets put it to the test.

A hook: Every team thinks they’re the best so let’s put it to the test

Play – A – Long ability – the audience will be really engaged; pick up men and women from the street in order to compete, the audience will barely wait to see who is going to win, because they can easily put themselves in the place of the competitors or presenters.

Branding – in terms of the set we have to make something distinctive. We haven’t thought too much at this aspect until this point, but I think that the set should emphasise the difference between genders (ex: a logo), but in the same time it should be elegant, stylish and it should be more high-tech.

Repeatable: – the format stays the same every week: there will always be three battles based on: balance/agility, cleverness/ mental and speed.

Competition – it’s a game show for fun, fear of humiliation.

A character – the presenters will bring their personality to the proceedings and they will be symbols for each team. They will make the show their own.

Transferability –  Every country in the world can have a show based on the battle between sexes, because it is a universal theme.

So here is what we have  so far:

Sex wars/ Gender wars/ X v Y
– Both genders think they’re the best so lets put it to the test –

1. Introduction – Pre titles/ After titles
2. Titles
3. Set- up show – (explain format + prize)
4. Battle 1 – studio
5. Score summary – ( gunge + audience vote)
6. Battle 2 – VT
7. Score summary 2
8. Ad break

Set- up:
Welcome to Gender Wars. The game show that answers the world’s oldest question: men vs women, girls vs boys etc.. Who will manage to avoid humiliation with the help of the nation?
Let the battle commence!

We should make a short VT to present the battles:
Battle 1 – Balance/ Agility
Battle 2 – Mental/ Cleverness
Battle 3 – Speed

Battle 2 – ask the same question for 10 males and females . The team who gets the most correct answers wins the battle.

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