Radio format – research

In order to start developing more the ideas that we have, we need to make some research around our subject.

First of all I’ve found some pretty interesting articles about Vic Tandy – the “ghost buster” of Coventry:

So I think that we can use this as our main news, because not many people know that Coventry had its own “ghost buster”.

Moreover, I’ve found a news about Coventry Resident who talks about paranormal activities at the second annual ghost tours:

We were also thinking to include a story in our format, and make it more like a docudrama with the use of sound effects and music in order to make it seem as real as possible. So here I’ve found some good spooky ghost stories, published by people from Coventry:

Sound is the key element in radio, and that is why I’ve tried to find sites which have free sound effects:

I’ve also found some good articles around Halloween, but we won’t be able to use them, as Halloween already passed:

And now that I’ve made my research, I think that I can start the script.


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