Assignment One Pro-Forma

Essay Question

Focusing on one aspect of ‘open source’ (in news, video, radio, print, digital publishing, software, web 2.0, internet tv)- discuss the extent to which it has transformed, and may transform in the future, that particular industry.

 Focus/Argument/Position. What will you focus on arguing, what will your position be on this topic? What are the counterarguments to your position? How will you overcome these?

 I will focus on the way in which Internet changed our lives and the way in which we can act as producers and consumers of the culture. The Internet changed the way music, movies, magazines were distributed, facilitating the preview and the sales of these products. More than that nowadays is more like a trend not to buy products, but instead download them from the Internet for free.

The music industry as an example had a negative impact on sales due to piracy and copyright issues. File sharing and downloading had led to a decline in CD sales.  On the other hand, people have a big advantage, having the possibility to preview a file before purchasing it.

I am against piracy to some extent, because it already became a global issue. Intellectual property is at risk, and this already started to harm the global economy.  But in the same time, I think that piracy – as file sharing is favourable to the spread of education, culture and new ideas.

Research Elements. How will you back up, add authority, give evidence to your argument and convince your audience of your position.

For every argument, I will give evidence such as: statistics, experts opinions, quotes, audio pieces.

What Research do you intend to carry out for this? How will it support your argument? What key texts do you need to read?

I intend to benefit from all the resources that I have for my research. I have already started to read Free culture – The nature and future of creativity by Lawrence Lessig.

Moreover I’ve started doing some research on the internet, because here are a multitude of resources and opinions.

And last but not least I will try to find some magazine articles around this subject.

Style and Approach. What style of argument do you intend to use?

 I want to use a more informal style in my essay, because it will be an audio piece and I need to engage the public (use of music, sound effects, humour). But in the say time I want to keep an analytical and reflective approach, because is an academic piece, which is meant to inform people by having a critical approach upon a subject.

What will the audience learn from this? How will it change their position?

 Audience will learn that piracy is an increasing problem, that starts to affect us globally, from a political, social, cultural and economical point of view.

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