Gender Wars – Script

As part of my producer role, I made the script together with the director and the two presenters.  We already new exactly what we want to do, and how we want to do it, so we didn’t have a hard time in writing the script.

We only had some few problems with the style, because we wanted to make the script as engaging as possible and we didn’t knew exactly how to introduce certain elements. Dialogue and action are the most important things, so we wanted to make sure that the dialogue between the presenters will be realistic, without mixing to many styles of speech or vocabulary.  We also wanted to make sure that the lines are accordingly with the presenter’s personality.

For the battles, we decided that is better not to have a script. I think that it will have a much greater effect upon the audience if the presenters will talk freely during the challenges.

This is not the final version of the script – it’s only a draft:


[Titles – 15 secs]


Hello and welcome to Gender Wars – the game show that answers the age old question, who is better? Men or women, Adam or Eve, Sherry or Steve.


Each week we put you and ourselves through a series of grueling challenges, or as we like to call them, battles, to decide who will triumph as the dominant sex!


Representing the women is Helena


And the men representative is Dean. Who will manage to avoid humiliation with the help of the nation?


Over the next half an hour we’ll take part in battles that test skill, knowledge and speed. But we can’t do it alone, we need your support.


But first, I want to remind everyone of last week’s victory for the girls.

[OVERLAPPING VT] [          secs]


You lost big time Dean! The girls are obviously the best, as we’re leading 3-1 so far this series.



You looked ridiculous!


Don’t speak too soon, cause we’re going to come back bigger and better this week. And you will be the one facing this week’s forfeit of doom, back by popular demand – the gruesome shocking chair [Sound effects play here]


So let the battle commence!

[VT – Battle 1] [          secs]


Wow, what a messy game. Let’s check on the scores.

[Graphic for Score summary]


Right, let’s move on to Battle number 2!

[VT – Battle 2] [          secs]


Today’s second battle is a test of knowledge. Earlier this week, we took to the streets and asked the public a series of questions.


And for every incorrect answer, one of the contestants will crack an egg over the opposing teams captains. The team with the most correct answers wins. So let’s see how we got on!

[VT – OUTSIDE BATTLE 2] [          mins]


That was a great crack…


Very funny…Right, So, let’s take a look at the damage

[Graphic for Score summary]


Ooooh it’s all-square with everything to play for, so join us after the break where we will see which gender comes out on top.

[Short VT to adverts]

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