Radio format – Script

As we already need to start the rehearsals for our radio show, we needed a script. So I started to make a draft of the script. I tried to keep an informal and engaging style, and I tried to include all the elements that we wanted without overcrowding the show. In order to finish it, I will need to discuss first with my colleagues to see what do we need to change, add or remove.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Vanessa: How are you? Hope you are prepared for tonight’s show, – “ Undiscovered Coventry – paranormal activities”,  because I am already starting to feel shivers on my back.

Raul: Indeed, today we’ll be talking about ghosts and strange stories. So what do you say Vanessa? Do ghosts really exist?

Vanessa: I think that we cannot know if ghosts do exist. Strange things happen to us sometimes and we assume that the reason must be ghosts; but there must be another explanation.

Raul: I tend to disagree with you. When I was little …

(And here Raul can briefly  talk about a strange experience that he had in childhood; he will make the story seem very real, and at the end he will scare Vanessa, in order to add a comic element)

Raul: Gotcha (laughs)

Vanessa: Ok Raul, this really started to scare me (Laughs). Let’s better begin today’s quiz. The winner will get the chance to make a special dedication right here on air at “Undiscovered Coventry”.  Don’t forget – our phone number is 024…. And hurry up cause as you know we will have time to take only the first three calls.


Quiz – We should all think at some quiz questions, and who is going to make those calls.


Raul: As not many of you might know, Coventry had its own “ghost buster”. His name was Tony Lawrence.

Vanessa: Tony was a senior lecturer at Coventry University’s Business School but his real passion was searching out spooks. He managed to identify infrasound as the low frequency noise, thing that made people interpret it as a supernatural experience.

Raul: In 2004, one year before he died, Lawrence carried the first official paranormal investigation at Warwick castle.

Vanessa:.  So ladies and gentleman after knowing all this, I think I’ve made my mind about where I’m going next year for Halloween …

Raul: I was quicker than you; I’ve already been there this Halloween.  But, let’s hear what people from Coventry have to say about ghost and paranormal activities.

Vanessa: Have they experienced unusual things? Do ghosts really exist in Coventry?


Vox  pops


Raul: It has been  a spooky night  so far, but I’m afraid that we have to put an end at today’s show.

Vanessa: Don’t forget that you can listen us every day at the same hour  18:30. We’ll be here with new mysterious things from the Undiscovered Coventry.  Byeee!!

(And maybe we can also have a guest, in the studio – but I don’t have anyone in mind. )


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