Bonfire night (Eastern Green)

As I said before, this year I want to take advantage as much as I can of all the opportunities for professional experience. So the Culturae-  Mundi project is a good start. It’s purpose is to celebrate multiculturalism and multilingualism on campus and in the city through a multitude of events.

The first event – Bonfire night took place on the 5th of November, and was expected to be a fantastic evening. So me and my production group,decided to film the event. Our biggest problem was the fact that we didn’t have a plan prepared. I was the only one that could attend Steve’s meeting, because the rest of the girls had to work, so I took notes, I booked all the necessary equipment and I told the girls everything that we’ve discussed, in order to have a clear idea about what are we going to film. Our biggest problem was the fact that we didn’t have a plan prepare; so we didn’t knew exactly how to get there and we lost some precious time. Next time we’ll make sure that we know everything about the place were we are going.

This night wasn’t spectacular only because of the Fireworks, but mainly because of the cultural diversity. People of all ages, religions, nationalities gathered there to see the huge Fireworks to Music Display, while staying with their families and loved ones. So the whole the place was charged with positive energy, there were a multitude of lovely colours so we had some pretty good shots.

Moreover we also wanted to take some interviews, but we had to be careful with the framing of the interviews because we needed to have something interesting in the background. Is not recommended to make too many close-ups when you interview someone at an event. We were very lucky, because we had the possibility to interview the organiser of the event. I had the pleasure to interview him, though I was a little bit nervous. In the background we had the bonfire. I asked him all sort of questions like: how many people came to the event, how many fireworks did he use, if he was satisfied of how the event took place, how is he going to plan it next year, what surprises he we’ll have for us etc..

In terms of the fireworks, it was spectacular. The use of music (Celine Dion, Robbie Williams, Requiem for a dream) was incredible and it made you feel shivers on your back. Everyone was really surprised, and you could hear them marvelling.

After filming, we had to capture our footage and to pick the best shots in order to give them to the editors. Though, we also want to edit our own version of the event, because we have plenty footage that we can use.

It was a pleasant experience, from which I had to learn an important lesson: never go filming an event without knowing exactly where are you going and how are you going to get there. You always have to have a plan.

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