Ghost busting

When we began this module, I thought that the radio show would be easier than the TV one, but this wasn’t my group’s case. As I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve made the draft of the script in order to start rehearsing and finalising it. I’ve arranged a meeting before the final recording, in order to rehearse a little bit the script and in order to see what to add or change, and what is the presenters opinion. Unfortunately, Vanessa couldn’t attend the meeting, so me, Raul and Sophie decided how should we make the final script.

After paying attention to all the details, and after including everything that we have decided, I finally finished the script. On Thursday (23.11) , we meet in order to record the studio parts, as we were running out of time. Unfortunately, this meeting didn’t went very well, because we were all stressed out and panicked that we won’t have time to finish everything, as we also had to record an interview, some phone calls and also the editing part. The presenters had some difficulties, as they weren’t used with the script, and they decided to change it. I’ve found this disturbing, because I really invested time and effort in making this script all by myself, as no one else wanted to get involved in making it. More than that I posted the  draft script on our Facebook group almost 2 weeks before recording.

The worst part is that you can’t work well under stress. So we discussed about this problem, everyone said their point of view and after this we calmed down and we tried to come up with solutions. So we changed the script in order for the presenters to feel comfortable with it, and we also decided what music and sound effects should we use at the editing part. After 7 hours in the radio studio, we managed to finish it. I can’t say that I’m really satisfied of the final result, as I think we should have rehears a little bit more, in order to make it sound more professional.

On Monday we went to record the interview with Tony Lawrence – Coventry’s ghost buster. The interview run smoothly, as our subject was  a person with very much experience in this domain, who could easily give us information about every question that we had.

Then, we went in the basement in order to choose the best bits of the recordings to put them together. Sophie finished the editing afterwards, by adding the bits of music and the sound effects.

Here is our Radio Show:

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