Gender Wars

Gender Wars is one of the projects of which I am really proud. In comparison with last year , now I noticed a more profound and detailed organisation and production of the whole show.  Not only, that we were more involved, but we actually treated our roles seriously, and in a more professional way too. We payed attention at every detail of production, trying to make it look as real as possible. If our budget would have been bigger, I am sure that we could have done a show that might have had a chance to be broadcasted on TV.

We decided to entertain the audience as much as possible, so we filmed our TV show in 3 locations/sets; we’ve had 2 studio shots and 2 VTS. Of course that we also used a twist in every battle, cause it makes the audience wait for the end.

Our first round took place in the studio, which was specially designed for this battle. We used many props including a dartboard and also 2 assistants in order to make it look more dynamic.The colour filters  and the recorded voice which presents the battle helped us create a game atmosphere. Also, the music helps by creating a little bit of suspense.

The second battle was filmed outside. We also used a couple of contestants, because it engages more the audience. We tried to combine the funny part, with some general knowledge questions to make it more interesting.

For the studio shots, it took us about 3 hours to make the set, because we really had to struggle  with all the materials, but I was happy to see that we all acted like a real team. As a producer I tried to pay attention at every aspect: floor, lightning, props etc.. I wasn’t as nervous as last year, because we knew that we have the chance to edit the footage.

And here is our  TV show:

Gender Wars TV show Team 2 from James Dove on Vimeo.


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