Hockey BBC Big Screen

The Big Screens brings 22 cities across the UK to life. This is a unique collaboration between the BBC, LOCOG and UK local authorities. The London 2012 Organising Committee is a partner of the Big Screens. During 2012 the screens and the areas around them will become “Live Sites”. The intention is to broadcast local content, news and events that are related to the Olympic and Paralympic games.

My role for this project is to be sound operator, thing that I was excited about because I had the chance to learn how to operate a new recorder – the H4N zoom recorder. So, before the first day of filming I had a training with Bex, where I learned how to use it. To be honest, I found it quite easy to use as it was similar to the other sound recording equipment that I have used prior to this event,  so I adopted a confident attitude.  The only thing that I needed to be careful about were the settings that could trick you easily, especially due to the settings for the incorporated microphones.  While I was playing with it, I realised that the jack/XLR inputs, 48V phantom power, the stereo pair of mics onboard, and masses of extra functionality such as the four-track mixing to guitar effects and a USB audio interface it makes it much more versatile than all the other records that I have used.

Because it was really windy and cold when we went filming I found it a little bit hard to record a good quality sound, but finally I managed to do that, with some extra tips from Bex.   In order to avoid the wind being recorded I had to position myself in the opposite direction from where the wind was coming. Also,  while we were taking the interviews, I had to be careful not to catch all the background noise, as we couldn’t hear very clear the statement of the Hockey team members. Not to mention the fact that my hands were freezing because I had to hold the boom mic for quite a long time without being able to move my hands too much. So for next time I have learned my lesson, and while operating this kind of equipment on such weather I will  definitely use gloves.

As it was my first day when I actually used this new recorder, I was nervous about making mistakes such as accidentally deleting one of the tracks, or overwrite them, but fortunately everything proved to be perfect so I had nothing to worry about.

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