BBC Big Screen Sports Basketball Day 2

Today we filmed for the second time a basketball game. Luckily today we did not have to make a long journey in order to arrive to the established place, and instead we only had to go to Coventry sports centre where we had the pleasure to meet an important basketball coach – Scott Neely, head coach of the Coventry Crusaders.

What was tricky here, was that we had to rush in order to get the interview done in time, before the game started. Not to mention the fact that the basketball team feels stressed, because they are not used to be in front of the cameras. Moreover, I think that our team did a great job, because we were very supportive by  helping each other with everything that we could, especially due to time constraints. Again, I had to be careful at the sound because the basketball hall was big and you could hear echoes; I managed to keep the volume levels at a point where I had a clear sound.

So far,this experience, helped me enhance many skills that will definitely be necessary in the future, such as operating new equipment, working in different environments and circumstances, and also was a good chance of making new contacts, aspect which is vital in this field, because there are moments when you could use the help and the skills of another person.

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