Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year was another successful event that was part of the Culturae Mundi project, that had as a purpose the celebration of the Year of Dragon in the Chinese culture. More than that it was an event that celebrated  valors such as multiculturalism and multilingualism on campus and in the city.

For this event I was the producer of one of the groups, and I must say that I had to struggle in order to make sure that me and my group will do a great production, that will satisfy the organisers’ expectations. I have encountered my first problem as a producer, when I have found out that three people from my group weren’t able to attend this event, thing that ruined some of my plans. So my attention was immediately  directed to find three other members that were willing to help me. I must say that I was stressed about this problem, because it was part of my responsibility to secure enough people for this production. In a couple of days I managed to solve this problem, but I encountered another one that seemed to be even more serious, and that clearly stated that I need to be more organised and more careful at all the details regarding pre- production. The equipment that I managed to book for this occasion, was not the one that I wanted in terms of cameras. I wanted to use the JVC’s as the quality of these cameras is much more improved than all the other cameras that we had access to until that point, and instead I only managed to get two Z5′ because all the JVC’s were booked with two weeks in advance.

23th of January was the actual day when this event was celebrated, and because the programme started at 3pm, I managed to gather my group and to prepare all the equipment half an hour earlier. Unfortunately after setting up everything, the camera people told me that they are not confident about using the JVC’s, meaning the cameras that I have booked. So I wasn’t sure about what is the right thing to do, as it was clearly that if I change the cameras to Z5 the quality was not going to be that good. But I had to act quickly as it wasn’t time to panic, so I went back to Uni and I booked the Z5 s in order to be sure that we are able to properly record this event. As I had expected the quality of the image wasn’t that good, but it was a thing that could be improved at editing so I tried not to worry that much about it.

The programme was really nice, and it contained a diversity of traditional activities such as Chinese Dragon Dance, Chinese Modern Dance, Beijing Opera, and all sort of games that tested your reactions and reflexes. My favourite part was the one when we interviewed the Chinese people, because they shared with us their experiences whether good or bad, and they compared their life style before and after coming to England and the changes that this international experience has brought with it. Also they shared with us some of the myths that made part of their culture, thing which really raised my interest upon chinese culture. The evening had a lovely ending, with a buffet open for everyone who wanted to try and enjoy the Chinese cuisine, and of course this was accompanied by an after party well deserved.

Even if I wasn’t too satisfied of what we actually achieved in that evening in terms of production, due to the problems that we encountered, I must say it was a helpful experience that thought me many things about the role and the responsibility of being a producer, and made me think that I should start being more organised and more careful when planing a production.


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