Key aspects of a successful short film

Before starting the actual work for this module I decided to look into the steps that you have to make in order to create a successful short film. Because it is not important just to make a short, it is important to “think big” and to try to aim for the biggest aim possible.

1. Amazing written concept

For this, you need to have a clever idea, an original one which stand out of the ordinary, which will raise interest in people. It has to be something unique, socially intriguing and with strong profile characters. The key is to keep it simple, but in the same worth watching. For this type of films you don’t need huge prologues and excessive character development, but you do need to inspire people, to make them think at the message that you want to transmit.

2. Genius storytelling

Do you wanna present a story that no one has heard about? Do you wanna make it famous? First you gotta do an action plan, a set of instructions. Even if it seems childish this is the way in which some of the most well – known films have originated This will make it easier for people to understand exactly what is your idea.

3. Good acting

Actors are an essential part and this can bring you an enormous benefit for your movie. Even if you have a good idea, it can be ruined if the acting is poor. But don’t put everything on acting, because even great acting can get dismissed if the story is incomprehensible or just poorly conceived.

4. Great sound design and soundtrack

There is nothing more disturbing than a bad sound, so you have to take this aspect in consideration when you are doing a film. More than that, a good use of sound and music can get  a more depth into emotional reactions and boost your film to a new level.

5. Strong cinematography

Image is important, but not as important as sound. In order to have a worthy film you have to convey the image to the storytelling, so it is important that the style is in accordance with the topic of your film, so you need to have a superb lightning, good colours and framing and it has to be originally shot.

6. Promotion of your film

When you think at your budget, you need to take in consideration one of the most important aspects of post production: promotion of your movie. So you need to get your film out there. In order to make this you have to make sure that you make DVD copies and get your films into festivals. It is important not to stop here, try to get your film in more than one festival, try to get reviews, comments and publicity through social media.

So I think the success consists in how far you manage to reach your goals, and how much time you dedicate for this.  Nothing is perfect nowadays, but at least with dedication and hard work you will manage to get as close as possible to perfection.


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  1. I’m currently developing my own brand, and I want to launch it to the public eye, first through fashion. I want to start by selling graphic tees that display my message. I am in the process of preparing a video / short film for the purpose of introducing my brand and marketing the tshirts. I definitely want to sell well with my merchandise, which is important, but I feel over the money I really want the message to touch people.

    What’s your advice on promoting a message and merchandise simultaneous? Do you think I can create an effective video?

    • First of all you need to decide upon the subjects/ themes that you want to use, because some can do much better then others. You really need to be creative, because people will have to recognize your style in order to be a success. General subjects are not recommended at this stage, as it will make it harder for you to promote your shop.

      You also need to have a target audience, a certain age group, style, occupation/hobbies… By analyzing the possible audience you will realize what elements to use in order to attract them in terms of creating and designing.

      After taking in consideration all this aspects, you can actually start to think at a short film idea. I would choose to adopt a more experimental and underground cinema style, because I would prefer to put the focus on something more unexpected and intriguing that will raise the awareness of the public.

      Consider making a website that promotes your campaign, but first take time to take a look on how the search engines work, in order to reach the top. It is not enough to make the video, but it is very important to now how to promote it.

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