Casting and auditioning

Actors live your characters, give your film a sense of reality and this is why you need to pay attention at casting. Casting can be a difficult process, but in the same time can be engaging and fun. You must always keep in mind that even if your idea is extraordinary, with poor actors your idea might not have the same potential.

The first step that will help you through auditions is to have a good character profile, because in this way you will have a better sense about how your characters have to look, act and behave like. You will know exactly what you want from an actor; you will see if he/she understands the character, is he/she breathing life into your character? By doing all this you can attribute your pros and cons and at the end you’ll find it easier to decide upon which actor is best matched for your film.

When it comes to this, you need to detail the character profile as much as possible, even if you think that some of the details are not relevant, as the audience will not known or notice  them. But as much as you go deep into the character’s life, you’ll make it more unique, you’ll make it have something particular that will distinguish him from all the others. Of course, this is most in the cases of main characters which need more attention. Though, you can’t ignore the minor characters because details to count in a movie and also givess an extra touch of professionalism and makes the film really count. You need to pay attention at details such as: physical appearance, background,  hobbies, occupation, relationships, educational background. ethnicity, age, gender, interests, successes, aspirations, failures and influences.

We as students always tend to make the same mistake, of not trying to find professional actors, whether if it is about budget or comfort or anything else that can come in-between. If we want to become professionals we must learn that without effort we can’t do anything right. I’m not saying that finding actors is an easy job, but it is a key aspect of a good production. Every other choice that you make will lead you at lack of skill, lack of seriousness, impossibility of communication etc..

Professional actors are more easy to work it, they understand exactly what you want, they are more committed and you will be assured that your budget was worth it. So I will hope that we will manage to get some ‘real actors’. For this we had to look into several casting websites and we had to make a presentation of the film characters that will raise the interest. The presentation needs to be engaging and it needs to be done right because it’s the first contact that you make with the actors. We went straight to the point, we were clear about what we were going to offer and we also offered all the necessary information of the character profile and the plot. Now we just have to wait for an answer!

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