Creating narratives

After finding a group to work with, we started sharing the ideas that we have for our short films. As we had to move our ‘key ideas’ to a preliminary  stage we decided to share and discuss them. The ideas varied much, so we started to take in consideration parameters as originality, interesting style and tone, logistics, thematic coherence, possibility of doing, success, locations and actors, in order to be able to restrain all the ideas to just 3. Also we needed to make sure that the film will respect the Olympic and Paralympic values – Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality.  

At this stage two of my ideas were chosen:

1.A young girl has a daydream, which seems to reveal a paranormal power. With the help of this power she tries to solve all the problems of her beloved ones. – she had a premonition

2. A young brilliant mind who has been all the time neglected by his family and by the people around him, starts to lose his confidence and power of keep going. He is on the verge of a mental breakdown, but a “simple distraction” makes him realize the importance of living life at its maximum potential no matter what the context is.

The third idea was Amrit’s, and it turned up to be the best one. It was original, it was possible to do it and funny, thing which I think it counted the most, because a short constructed around a joke or an unexpected twist always works the best:

3. Going with the word of truce, two gangs who don’t like each other are fighting over a hang out place (park with swings). They both start fighting and then the two main characters stop and say truce, both gangs end up playing together and become friends.

Though it turned up to be the best one, it still needs further development and it has to be really  catchy in terms of humour, so the script needs to be really well thought. As soon as the treatment and the script will be finished, we shall start thinking at every aspect of pre-production, and start doing it because we don’t have any time to waste.

The next PowerPoint presents our ideas in correlation with all the factors that we need to take in consideration.



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