Iceland 1

The Iceland trip was one of the biggest opportunities that we had for our professional experience, as it helped us develop a better sense of professionalism, and in the same time it helped me realise how crucial can be the planning of a production and how long it takes in order to link together all the necessary pieces: script, locations, actors, transport, props, costumes, crew etc.. In this post, I will mostly refer to the experience that I managed to get before going to Iceland, in the pre-production stage.

At first, I must say that I thought we were too many people involved in this project, and that’s why I thought that the roles of some of us might be insemnificative compared with the work that others made in terms of pre- production. Fortunately I was wrong, and we had to split ourselves in three crews according to our preferences in terms of the three short film: Snowblind,  Outdated and Cats. Still the majority of us which had smaller roles in this pre stage,  had to deal mostly with the financial side because with no budget there is no film; well, we did had a small budget at the beginning, thanks to Steve who contributed to this, which was a great start. But in order to have a successful production, where we can afford the best equipment (example – red camera), we had to raise much more, so we started to think at possible fund – raising ideas and put them into practice, such as selling cakes, karaoke nights and all sort of events where we could charge money for the entry tickets. I must say that we all did a great job, and we managed to raise approximately 2500 pounds if I remember correctly. But even with this money we still didn’t have enough in order to go further with all our plans. We started to think at possible arrangement that we could do in order to cut out some of the money, especially because there were 3 short films that were about to made and each of the films needed a budget. So we rethought some of the aspects of pre-production and we also had to give up some of the things that we thought to be possible, and I think that here our organisational skills came into this quite a lot.

So this experience, and the difficulties that we had to encounter, made me think that in the real world this situations are common, and you can’t afford to lose your temper or to fail, but instead to look for solutions that will help you solve your problems, and I think that we learned how to do such a thing. We learned that we shouldn’t be destroyed if things didn’t came out as expected, but be glad if we managed to find another path.


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