Artistic director

 To some up in a few words, I think that my job as an art director is to supervise and unify the entire vision of the film. As I searched into, I managed to get the real sense of this role. An art director needs to communicate visually with the audience, to contrast features and stimulate moods and not at least to psychological appeal to a target audience.

 What is hard is that an art director needs to take the concept and visualisation of the director, and transform it to reality. Basically I had to be in charge of accessing props, surveying locations, model making and helping to produce all sets. The key skills that you need as an artistic director are

  • a good sense for decoration, detail and matching;
  • potential to conceptualise ideas;
  • good communication skills;
  • the ability to work alone and as part of a team;
  • knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety procedures.
Sound operator 
My job on the set is again the one of a sound operator, not necessarily because I like it that much, but because I feel secure of it. As a sound operator you need to record high quality sound film, and this is a key role because without a good sound you can’t have anything. Sometimes the sound matters more than the visuals.

Sound operators need to have:

  • knowledge of sound, music and acoustics
  • technical skills to operate sound recording equipment and computer production equipment
  • problem-solving skills
  • decision-making ability
  • good communication skills, as they work closely with others.

I’ve learned that in order to be a good sound operator you need to have a good ear, a good understanding of the technical skill, a well managing of the equipment, good communication skills and you need to be well self- disciplined.


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