Additional task – Documentary proposal

Title: DO Something!

Short overview:  this documentary will be exploring the poverty that exists all over the world, and the lack of care from people. It should raise awareness of what the future will look like if we continue act as indifferent in front of problems that will effect everyone in a couple of years.

The big idea: the examples that will be shown  in this documentary have nothing to do with poor countries such as India or Africa as an example. The documentary will be about the poverty from well developed countries, the poverty that surrounds us, that we have to face day by day. If the state doesn’t want to do anything about it, we as human beings should start and ware awareness. Even if the crises didn’t affected us, it’s just a matter of years. It will raise even more impact if in the programme will be involved celebrities that fight for the same right. If everything will become international, and if every country will support this cause by advertising everything, by making it worldwide, by creating events for this purpose we could start and involve the states in finding a solution.

A synopsis: – questions that the documentary will attempt to answer

– why poverty is such an important problem?

– why should we get involved?

– what can we do about it?

– how to get everyone involved?

– how to raise awareness?

– the impact that poverty will have upon us in a couple of years?

The audience: the topic of this documentary concerns everyone, so I expect that the audience should include everyone above 18 who are aware of the reality in which we are living and that concern about it.  I aim that most of the people that will be interested are average people, with a medium condition. But the real aim of this documentary will be to grab the attention of really wealthy and powerful people that have a better chance to really change something in this world.

The conflict: the conflict will be around the comparison between the life of the rich and the poor, and the little effort that some wealthy people could do in order to help those troubled.

Resolution: So with this programme I think we can convince the people to fight for their cause, to go against the system and to raise themselves a big question: with so much wealth in the world, why is there still so much poverty?

Elements and Characters: The aim is to involve as many people as possible, so it will be ideal to be captured in more countries, to make it worldwide, to show that we can unite ourselves for a purpose that concern us all. I think it will make authority because it will be spread, because people of any origin, nationality, colour, religion or age can be a part of it.

Length: 1 hour


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  1. thanks for sharing this… it really helped me in my uni assingment

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