For Assessment: – Digital thinking

How does viral video really work? Well, you can’t actually have an answer for this question. Of course the key is to produce a piece of media that has the potential to create impact, and then to distribute it on as many platforms as possible, but everything needs to happen organically. No one can give you any guarantees.

As an example, Jon Gomm’s Passionflower video was viewed in one week over half a million times, just because it was downloaded  from Jon’s Youtube channel (using some dodgy software) and reposted it as “Insane Guitar Skills “Passionflower”” on their own channel; it became so popular that it ended up on the front page.

So what can we learn from this experience? The title is really important, because its the first thing that makes contact with the viewer – make it simple but catchy. I think that this is the hardest step, because the most important thing is to make people watch it for the first time. Once they have played it and listened it once, the content is the one which will actually matter. Furthermore, in terms of content one of the most important things is to get emotional reactions, by making it impressive, unusual and remarkable. After you see that people are interested in your video, try and upload it on platforms such as blogs and websites which are in correlation with the topic used in your video.

The problem with a viral video is that it doesn’t last too long, so you must make everything you can when its happening. Try to answer every message received, try and create a relationship with every fan that comes across and try and think how you can attract more and more people.

Another important step is to make people feel comfortable, so you have to be careful at everything from the visuals to sound, voice and background music. People tend to share things that makes them feel good, that are easy to understand and that have a message. So if you have all this, you will be more likely to make your video go viral.

And last but not least, try to be yourself, try to be unconventional. You need to make a piece of media that says  something about you, that represents you or a part of your beliefs or feelings.  The best way to have success is to distinguish yourself among the rest of the people, by being more fully self – expressed.

In my case, for this task I choose a video that I made almost one year ago: My poetic Eyes. So I’ve uploaded it to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Google Video and Yahoo Video, Metacafe and Revver. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many viewers as I would have liked, and I think this is especially because I haven’t used appropriate tags and the title could have been more catchy. Not to mention the fact that the quality of the image was not that good. On the other hand, I tried to comment on my work, I tried to attract people through emotions and feelings.

The theme of this video was the devastating earthquake from Haiti, in 12th of February 2010. I remember that in 2010 when I saw on the news what happened I was really shocked to see what damages produced the catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake. What was really disturbing and touching was the fact that almost 3 million people were affected: more than 316.000 lost their lives, 300.000 had been injured and more than 1.000.000 remained homeless. What is worse is the fact that Haiti is one of the most poorest countries from the Caribbean islands. In a country routinely referred to as the poorest in the western hemisphere, the devastation has been dramatic and widespread. In addition to the mounting casualties and loss of life and property, the damage to the country’s already fragile infrastructure has been severe.

Is hard to lose your home, your money and all your goods, but is terrible to lose your family and your loved ones. I can’t imagine what those people felt back then and how did they get the power to go further. All their life was destroyed in that day, all their work, all their feelings, all their goods…everything. Thousands of people lived then the worst moments from their entire life. They’ve lost all that have been valuable for them, and after that they had no reason to live.


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