The two days of shooting

After coming back from Iceland really excited about our short film and with really good perspectives and expectations about our short film, I must say that I was disappointed to find out that we don’t have proper actors. In Iceland I enjoyed the fact that it was a better sense of responsibility and a better understanding of every key aspect in a film. As I mentioned in an earlier post, casting was one of the crucial things that we needed for our production, and I worried that we could face this problem. From my previous experience I’ve seen that unprofessional actors are not always serious about their job, don’t pay attention to the requests of the director and more than that the final product will look amateur. All this being said, we encountered a problem from day 1. One of our actors decided to back-up in the day of the shooting, so Amrit had to remake the script in accordance to this new event.

I think this problem was mainly due to the fact that half of our crew was in Iceland, so we couldn’t communicate properly, we couldn’t help each other by giving suggestions that could have solved our issue. On another hand I think that we might not have advertised our film properly in order to raise the interest of possible actors. Also we were restrained to a certain budget and this was an obstacle in achieving our goals.

The first day of filming didn’t start very well as we encountered a problem with the timings. Part of our actors were’t ready till one our later than the we scheduled. The time in which we were going to film was short, as we choose to film in the library so we had to keep focused on every step and take responsibility of our roles. My role was a little bit tricky here, as I had to set up an office in one of the study rooms from the library. I had to come up with ideas of how to make the cubicles desks out of nothing, and I also had to finish everything in a restricted time. The props that I choose were not only the ones usual to an office, but also one that are in accordance with the character;s profiles, because I wanted to transmit a message through the set, I wanted to give a shape of the character’s profile. After I finished the set, my job yes wasn’t finished, as I was the sound operator. I must say that I enjoyed my role, because some of the scenes were really hilarious. Though we had a good time filming it, we also were careful about the shooting schedule and tried to take as many takes as possible from different angles and perspectives. I haven’t mentioned the fact that the “actors” were pretty good, and despite my expectations they behaved really well on set, listening the requirements of the director and trying to accomplish them as best as possible.

Day two started really well, and we were all enjoying the fact that we finally decided to do something right and chose as a location for the park scene to go in Birmingham. Locations are very important, and raise the interest of an audience, so I think that it is important that we made this call. I was surprised to see how good this day went, because I was a little bit nervous that we had to work with children, thing which we avoided till now. But we had to go for something different, that we haven’t tried so far; you can’t always work with people from your age. As I said, things turned up to go really well, and we even finished the shooting before the scheduled hour. The camera operator and the director said that we got all the footage needed, so we didn’t had anything to worry about.Unfortunately, I thought that things can’t be that perfect, so when I got home I’ve found out that the footage was not as good as we thought.  The camera was out of focus in some of the farts, and the framing was not that good. Now I feel sorry that we didn’t take addvantage of all the time that we had, in order to make further takes that would have helped in the editing process. This is a think that we must keep in mind.

I am glad at least that I can learn from every mistake made, thing which is really important for my experience. As it is said ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! ‘.


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