Iceland 2

In the early morning of the 24th of February we all met at the Sports Centre at 6.15 am, in order to begin our journey to Iceland. We were all really excited about this trip, and curious about how will things go there. Our journey lasted a couple of hours, and all our way there I remember that I constantly thought about how Iceland will look like. Of course that I was fascinated about the northern lights and the possibility of seeing them, about the whales and their strange icelandic cuisine, but what I was also expecting to see there and in huge quantities was snow, because it reminded me of home.

So I was a little bit shocked when I saw that it was no snow in Iceland, except mountains. We were worried about this aspect, because we didn’t expected such a climate, and because our film was called Snowblind. So one again we encountered difficulties. As it wasn’t too much for us to do in that very first day, we had a meeting, where the guys who came before us informed us about all the changes that have been done and all the aspects that we need to be aware of when filming. In that night I was really unlucky cause I got a really bad cold, which until the next morning affected my vocal cords so hard that I could speak only in whispers. I was worried about this aspect, because in two or three days I was about to film two days in cold, and I was afraid that my cold might get worse.

Fortunately for me I managed to feel better and I was ready to work by monday morning.


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