Iceland 3

In this day we decided that is time to go and practice with the equipment that we have. More than that it was a chance to get used with the cold weather conditions. Me and Raul worked in pair, as he was my sound assistant and I think that we managed to work well together. We tried to give each other advices and tips, and we tried to help each other with everything that we could.

Of course, it seems easy to work with the sound equipment, but it can be catchy at some point when you experience difficulties such as hard wind, echo and other background sounds that might affect your work. So, our first thought was how to get rid of the unnecessary sounds if this will be the case, and how to position the microphone in order to avoid the hard wind. After trying more settings and after practicing more possibilities we decided that we should try to use the 744T audio mixer recorder, which now seemed more appropriate for what we wanted to record. So we spend the last part of the day trying to figure it how we can use this sound mixer, as we didn’t had the chance to practice with it so far. We only had a short workshop on how to use it, just before the trip, so because it is way more complex than the other recorder that we used until now, we weren’t sure about what is the best thing to do: whether to use a better sound mixer but whit the chance of doing something wrong, or whether we should use the sound recorder that we already knew how to use in order to be sure that we will have a smooth production. After talking with Bex, and with the other sound operators from the other crews, we decided that is best to stick to our first option: the H4N because no one could actually give us instructions on how to use the 744T.

At the end of the day, after everyone from our crew worked at their roles, we all headed off to a restaurant called “the Scandinavian” where we served a good icelandic tradition meal.


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