Iceland 4

Today we did some test shoots for the interior scenes, and we used as a location one of the hotel rooms. This test seemed to be a useful one, as we had to take advantage of the little space that we had available. We played around with the lightning and with the camera angles.

What I learned from this experience, is that I have to be very careful at my position in relation to the other members of the crew, because otherwise we could risk an accident due to all the cables that were spread in the room. Of course, the situation will be different in the actual day of the shoot, because we will use another location. My role in this occasion wasn’t so important because the purpose was to practice more shots, but at least I have the chance to see how things really work, and how creative a camera operator can be when encountering difficulties such as small space or lightning.

After this rehearsal, me and Raul tried to record separately the sounds for the interior scenes, to see if there are any inconveniences that might occur, or if we need to use some sound effects. In order to be sure that the sound will be perfect, we tried to use both the H4N and the 744T, to see if there are any actual differences between these two recorders. After recording all the sounds that we wanted, we decided that there will be no differences if we opt for the H4N.

All in all, I think that we had a very productive day,  and I was really excited about the days that were coming, because we all wanted to prove how hard we prepared ourselves in order to achieve a successful production.

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