Iceland 5

Today was the first day of our actual shoot, and you could feel the tension in the air. We all needed to be ready by 5pm, and the equipment had be checked a couple of hours earlier. We encountered a problem with the sound equipment – the batteries that were bought for the recorder were the wrong type, so we had to go and buy new ones. Of course this affected also the budget, because we spent around 60 pounds on 80 batteries. We needed that many because first of al we were three crews, and then because the life of the batteries was really short in terms of cold weather. I have learned this on a previous experience, when we had to film a hockey game for BBC Big Screen.

When we got to our location, we realised that there is not to much snow, but we eventually managed to find a good spot just a few meters up where we parked the minivan. Luckily, the temperature was alright, though it dropped a bit during night time. What worried me from the beginning was the fact that we couldn’t record a good quality sound because of the generator that was on the set to power the lightning. So I talked with the director, and we decided that it is best to record the sound during the shots.Unfortunately, things didn’t go as we planned due to our lack of experience. The time taken to prepare all the shouts seemed to be huge in comparison with the number of shots that we had to take that night. We were restricted by time and that seemed to represent a big problem. So in order to help with everything, despite the fact that I couldn’t do my actual role, I turned out to help with the lightning and with the disposal of the other equipment. I thought this is the best solution in order to help my group, because we have to learn how to cope with each other when needed, despite some misunderstandings.

Just because if I wasn’t a sound operator on the set tonight, doesn’t mean that I didn’t contributed as best as I could to this shots. I enjoyed this experience, because it gave a sense of reality, a different perspective about how my job could look like in the future, what are the challenges that I might expect.

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