Iceland 6

Today was our second day of shooting, and we started by filming the interior scenes. James Dove led the group, and we were fewer this time, because the house wasn’t big enough so that everyone can fit. Plus we needed only a limited group of people, because there weren’t too many shots to film. The team consisted of James Dove (Co-Director),  Sarah Wildash (Camera Op), Jessica Dash (Camera Assistant), Lynn Kapinga (Producer), Adam Davies (1st AD), Raul Klein and Myself (Sound Operatives) . Bex also came along in order to supervise the production and to help us if necessary.

The house was wonderful, just the way I have pictured it, and we also had plenty of room for the equipment, so this aspect didn’t caused us any problems. Before we start filming we had to deal with the decorations, of course there wasn’t to much to do because the house was exactly how we wanted, but we had to work a little bit with the lightning. Outside was noon, and we needed a darker light in order to suggest that it is evening, so we came up with the idea of sticking black foils on the windows. The idea turned out to be successful.

On the other hand, there were some small issues that we had to take in consideration while filming, such as the wooden floor that was quite creaky because the house was old, issue that we had to be pretty aware of when recording the sound. Also due to this reason, we had to be careful at the track and dolly because the floor was uneven and it made strange noises. The bath scene also cause some problems, because the bathroom was quite small for all of us to come in, and one of the walls had huge mirrors and we had to be careful not to be caught in the shot. So for the bathroom scene only a restricted number of people were allowed to go in. The boom mic kept making me problems, because due to its size you could easily see its shadow in the water, but finally I managed to find a position that suited.

Also what I enjoyed most about this day, was the fact that we were organised and we managed to finish all of our work in time, in comparison with the previous night of filming. I am really pleased about this shots, and I barely wait to see how they look on a big screen, and I have to thank for this to our amazing actress, which knew how to play each scene to perfection, think which made our job easier, because we didn’t had to take so many shots.


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