Iceland 7

As I mentioned in some previous posts, me and Raul didn’t had the possibility to record the sound during the shootings, due to the horrible noise that the power generator was doing. So after the filming for Snowblind was done, we had to start record all the sounds from scratch.

The best thing that we could do for a start, was to read the script again and make a list with all the sounds that we needed. The list was pretty long, and we worried about few things, which hindered us from recording some sounds, such as the lack of snow and the noisy car traffic. In consequence, we spend a good part of the day searching for a good spot where we could have all the necessary conditions to record the sound. Finally we found a place with a bigger spot of snow, where we could record some of the sounds. Seb and Tom helped us, because it was hard just for us two to record and in the same time make the necessary actions such as: walking, spitting, being dragged through snow etc..

When we got back at the hotel I played again all the sounds, and I tried to be as objective as I could. My biggest worry was that the sound won’t be synchronised  with the image, because we weren’t able to do the same actions as our actress, as slow or as fast as she did them. So, not only that I didn’t had my chance to do my role when I had to, but I also had to worry about the quality of the sound, and whether if it will fit the images. Fortunately for me, after I discussed with the director and some other members of my crew, I headed to the conclusion that we could solve any problem at the editing part if its necessary.

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