Iceland 8

Two days before we came back to England, I had the chance to help some of the third year guys with their final project: Latitude, as a sound operator. Me, Adam, Sam and James Dove headed to a waterfall where they were planning to film some parts for their movie.

We had some issues regarding the sound equipment, because we forgot to bring the headphones, so I had to record the sound just based on my intuition and previous experience. It was the first time when I was put in this situation, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. So based on what I knew, or even better –  based on what Bex learned me I just had to pay attention at the volume levels. The key is to keep those levels at -12; by doing this you can be sure that your recording will sound good.

This time I was more relaxed than at the previous shoots; first of all because I saw the the third year guys adopted a more comfortable attitude, – a stress -less one I could say -, and second of all because I was more confident in my own strengths. Here was the last time when I practiced my role as a sound operator. I enjoyed doing this, and I found it quite an easy job to do after you get used with all the settings and all the problems that might occur, and I barely wait to try new other roles, in order to develop more and more skills that will definitely be helpful in the future.

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