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Today was my first day when I started my professional experience at a local television from my country. I was really excited about this opportunity, especially because I had the chance to work in my own language, aspect which made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. My job here was the one of a camera man from a local news show.

As I have expected, the first day was quite casual and it began with the introduction of the crew and the equipment that I was going to use. For the first time I was not surrounded by students, but by a professional crew so I was afraid not to mess everything up. In order to be sure that I completely understood everything that I need to do, I put as many questions as I thought it was necessary, and I carefully listened to the instructions given. Luckily, we had a couple of hours until the news show had to begin, so I had time to get used with the camera and with the studio.  In order to do some practice to show to the director how am I doing, he gave me a part of a script where were noted all the necessary information regarding the shots that I was going to take. At the beginning, I have to confess that I was a little bit clumsy, as the camera role was not my strongest point, the director had to make me aware of some  big mistakes that I was doing such as framing, zooming in and out very fast and bad lightning settings.

So we decided that for this first show, I should be in charge with the static camera, because there are not so many things that I need to concentrate about, and also I had the chance to get more used to the camera and feel more comfortable in my role. During the show I had the chance to observe how all the other camera operators act and I also noticed some tips that I could use from now on and that look very good on camera.


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