Neptun TV 3

On my third day as a cameraman I started to feel more secure on the role that I was given, so the director asked me to go with a part of the crew and film some interviews. Before going on the field, the director showed me some filming techniques for the interview, and he went with me once again through the components of a shot such as medium shot, medium close- up, close- up, wide shots etc.. These were things I was already familiar, but it didn’t hurt to take a look once more.

When we were on the field, I tried to do my job with professionalism, especially because the director didn’t gave me exact instructions, giving me free hand in some way or another. So my first objective was to find a suitable background to place the interviewee in front of. I know from previous experience, that the background gives me the possibility to inform the audience more around the subject, by reinforcing the content or showing the character of the interviewee. The difficult part was to set up the camera and find a good position where to place the interviewee because of the sun light, which kept moving making the background brighter and the face of the interviewee darker. The next step was to position the interviewee slightly to the centre, so that I can draw the attention to him, but in the same time to have a good visibility of the background.

What seemed to be hard for the people was to get used with the cameras. At the beginning they all looked stressed and they kept looking directly to the camera, even if I was indicating them to look at the interviewer. Fortunately everything went good, and the director was satisfied on my work and with my contribution to this project.

I was really happy to see that I am doing a good job, and that the progresses that I make are every day bigger. I think that by the end of this work experience I can be really confident on my skills and knowledge regarding this role.


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