Neptun 5

On my fourth day I was assigned another task, which again had to do with filming interviews, but this time I had to focus on different types of shot such as B-roll and cutaways because the director wanted me to practice different things which can enhance my experience.

So for this particular shots I had to concentrate more on background compositional shots, which had to relate with the subject discussed by the Interviewee. For example if he was discussing about the architecture of a building, I had to get some shots with the object, some of them were wider shots showing the overall image, and other had to be close- ups in order to illustrate the details. Moreover, my other task was to make close-ups on the interviewee, in order to catch his reactions and emotions such as hand movements or facial expressions. This type of shots provide more material for the editor.

To be hones I’ve found this tasks a little bit harder then the previous ones, because now I had to focus on details and I needed to have quick reactions. I was afraid that I will miss some important details, or that I will lose the camera focus. At the beginning I was a little bit clumsy, and my hands weren’t stabilising the camera very well, and this is mostly to the lack of practice. Until now, I have used a tripod for most of the shots that I have done, thing which made things easier for me, as I didn’t have to worry about shacked image. Luckily I managed to control myself, and I got pretty good shots. At the end of the day, the director mentioned me some of the things that I did wrong, so that next time I pay more attention.

I do not blame myself for doing some mistakes, because in this way I can learn how to improve my skills and to work on my weakest points. As Benjamin Franklin says ‘Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out’.


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