Neptun TV 6

My last day at Neptun TV was my favourite, as I had the pleasure to film at a live concert for the the first time.  I knew that was the occasion when I could  prove my best and show that the experience that I gathered so far, helped me reach a new professional level.

This was quite a challenging experience, due to the overcrowding. I had to make sure that my camera is stabilised every moment, and that I won’t loose the focus while I was surrounded by a bunch of people. We were three camera operators, so we divided the subjects for our shot. My job here was to film the bands who were on the scene, so I could use a tripod which helped me get steady shots. I am glad that I was the one who filmed the bands, not because it was the easiest task, but because I felt comfortable in this position. Today I also learned a new thing from one of the camera operators, that if I place my camera close to the stage on a tripod, it is possible that the vibrations of the bass might run up your tripod, interfering the camera focus and make it tremble. I took into consideration this advice  and I positioned the camera at a considerable distance from the scene.

I hope that, in the future, I will have more chances to film concerts, and this time why not concerts of consecrated bands?It was so useful to work in different circumstances, because it made me see how things can be in the real industry, that it is likely to encounter problems,  that not everything comes out as you plan.  I think this placement had a great significance in my process of reaching a more professional. It is good to see that my results lead to something good, lead to a chance that will help me become what I want.


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