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Website – Moonfruit

Design, usability and optimisation are the key points for a good website. In consequence, I tried to combine all of this elements in order to make my site attractive but in the same time easy to use.

The appearance has the greatest impact on website visitors, and the look of the website can quickly change visitors’ perceptions. In addition to this I tried to use bright colours, I tried to attract the visitors by adding some photo galleries, videos and also some links for additional information.

Moreover, from my own experience I know that is very frustrating if the site is to complicated made, so I’ve tried to make it very accessible. So, on the first page I added some details about me and my work, in order to introduce me to my visitors, and then I’ve made a brief presentation of the site. Also, I’ve highlighted the titles, in order to make it more easier for viewers to distinguish the articles.

Furthermore, I tried to introduce elements of social media, such as chat widgets and comments widgets, making in this way a better connection between me and the visitors of my site. Also, in this way I can add all sorts of content to my website according to my visitors’ preferences.

In order to make it more appealing I’ve also added a flash logo, made with a  parameter used in Flash banner advertising: BannerSnack,
which adds an extra touch of style.  Also I’ve customised the menu buttons:


“Net TV” – critical process (For Assessment)

When people normally think at TV shows they might have a wrong impression, thinking only that working in television implies a glamorous job, without many concerns and  worries… But no one can truly appreciate the work that is behind the cameras, without passing through such an experience. This was also my case. I didn’t thought that working in television is an easy thing, but I didn’t imagined that it can be so stressful. To give the public a show worth watching, an entire team must work hardly, must be calm. ordered, confident, well prepared and the most important thing of all they must have a good understanding of the schedule and of the team roles. More than that, every second can bring them an unexpected “surprise” so they have to be prepared for everything.

At the beginning, when we received this task we didn’t knew exactly at what to expect too, but as time passed it became a bit of a challenge. We had to act like a real team, we had to support each other, we had to listen advices, opinions, we had to respect each other and we had to take most of our decisions in group. No one did something without consulting the other members of our team. So I think that from this point of view we did a great job, we learned to work in a team, and that is a hard thing to learn because people are different, is quite hard to get along well with everyone. I think that its important to be open minded, I think its important to treat each member equally, but in the same time I think that you should be also authoritative when its the case.

In terms of rehearsals and meetings with the group I can’t say that I’m very satisfied, because some of the members didn’t show up, or they came pretty late. This slowed us down, especially because we were a small group, and if one person was missing it was kind of hard to find someone who could have replaced that person.  I think that we could have been more prepared, we could have done more rehearsals, because we need to practice in order to make something good.

In the big day, we were all nervous and stressed especially because our autocue and VT player crashed, thing that was completely unexpected. We panicked, but we didn’t lose our hope. So we tried to stay relaxed and to enjoy the show. But apparently we were too relaxed, so we lost some of our concentration. There was a lot of chat in the gallery and in the studio during the takes, thing which prevented a good communication between us. On the other hand, we should have interpret the spontaneity theme different, in order to give to the audience a better sense of whats happening in the studio. The presenter’s attitude though was really good, attracting the audience with their sense of humour, but this was not enough. The audience must understand what is happening in the show in order to keep following it.

In terms of set, we tried to create two different areas: one for the interview and one for the game; we tried to cover all the studio, we tried to put as many elements and props as possible. I wasn’t very satisfied about the background colour because it was pink, and I didn’t thought that is appropriate for this kind of show, but I couldn’t do anything about it because the material was already bought.

All in all I think that we all had something to learn from this project, and we all were enthusiastic about it. My opinion is, that if we would have been more serious and more concentrated on our work the programme would have been better. We need to learn how to become professionals.  We need to learn that every moment counts in a TV show, and if we are not paying attention at every second something bad might happen.

Personal reflection and evaluation (For Assessment)

Overall, this module learned us how to create a great impact in media production, using a wide variety of techniques and programs. We learned that in order  to succeed in this area, you have to be really creative and innovative, so you’ll have to be in touch with the latest trends and news. In this post I’ll reflect mostly upon the second term, that was mostly concentrated on our broadcast project.

At the beginning of the module, I was a little bit confused about all the roles from the studio, because there were so many and I’ve practiced them randomly. I can’t say that I was very good at any of the roles, but I felt pretty comfortable being a vision mixer and director. So this project was my chance to deepen my knowledge, and also made me realise that what I love to do the most is being a director. Another positive aspect of this project, was the fact that I’ve also understood all the other roles involved in our studio based programme. Every role is important, it is like a connection between all the people from the studio. The failure of one of them, represents the failure of the whole team.

It was really important that we’ve learned how to work in a team. My role involved many decisions, I had to control things in a way or another, but in the same time I’ve treated everybody as equals, always asking for opinions and advices, because after all we were a team and we had to take all the decisions in group. I’ve learned that working in a team can be easy, but in the same time can be also hard. On one hand its very constructive, things are going much faster, everybody is contributing with ideas, opinions and so on, but in the same time it can be difficult because people have different personalities and there are times when misunderstandings occur, and not everybody works as hard as others.

Being left on our own for most of the time, we had to learn how to organise our work, how to divide it, how to be careful at every little detail and how to work under pressure. So I think that it was a very useful experience. But, there were times when I’ve felt the need for more support from someone advised. There where times when we didn’t knew exactly what to do, or if we took the right decisions regarding some aspects and then we needed someone who can give us some support, some directions or ideas.

Overall, I believe that this project was one of the first steps of becoming professionals. The fact that we weren’t supervised all the time, helped us realise that we must start to be more serious regarding our work, that we have much more responsibility than we were used to have and that from now on everything its up to us. If we’ll be determined, if we’ll have will, if we’re going to work and to practice more and more, than with certainty our future will be wonderful.

The specific impact of different media forms and methods of delivery (For Assessment)

Nowadays, TV is the easiest method of delivery, due to the fact that everyone owns a TV. Nowadays there are a multitude of media forms that are suitable for everyones taste, but eache of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Television has become the primary source of news and entertainment, permitting you to reach a large number of people on a national and international level. On the other hand its message its temporary and its quite expensive in terms of creative, production and airtime costs. What makes it so different from other media forms is the fact that it demands a visual presentation of the message. Internet on the other hand has revolutionised all media forms, attracting more and more audiences. The internet is changing the way in which we do things. Not only that we can permanently communicate one with each other, whenever we want and with no limit, but we can also adopt  new innovative and creative ways of doing our projects. The internet is something amazing because you can customise almost everything. You can personalise every single project that you do, using programs such as Prezi or Google Maps. Now I see the Television more like a way of relaxation, and a way of keeping up with the latest news and personalities. But the Internet is something much bigger.  This whole process happened really quick, and that is why you should constantly be engaged in order to keep up.  So the Internet, managed to combine different new media forms into a single source. People are thrilled that they can do whatever they wanted only by staying in front of a computer. Every thought, every idea of yours can catch different shapes, colours and so on, because you are the one who decides how your work is going to look. I think its fantastic!

Now I will be reffering at our first broadcast lecture. As a first step, we were asked to contrast and compare two studio based programmes, by paying attention especially to the content, the look, the presentation, the sound and the treatment of the audience.

One of the programmes is The one show, which is a topical magazine – style daily television programme. Generally, the show has a mix of stories followed by discussions with the reporters, experts and an interview with the guest. The guest usually has a book, film, programme, concert, CD or DVD to promote. As I am from another country, I must confess that I am not familiar with this TV programmes, and I haven’t seen them until now. After watching online some of the editions, I was pleasantly impressed about this programme. I really liked the fact that it covers a variety of stories of different topics. It is like a news programme in my opinion, with the difference that it has a more entertaining way of presenting the subjects. At the beginning, when I saw that in a single show are so many topics I thought that is a little bit “crowded”. In my country, the TV shows were made basically after the same theme. I mean there were TV shows about music, fashion, conflicts, celebrities and so on, but the topics were separate.

After all I really enjoyed the TV show, and I noticed the fact that all these topics helped me not to get bored. In terms of presentation, I think that the presenters have a really good chemistry, and chemistry is everything in TV. I think they look really natural in front of the cameras, and that is a hard thing to achieve in these days. I have heard some rumors, that they actually don’t like each other, but if it this is true, that means that they are really good at what they are doing. What I like about them is that they act really competent and professional. Moreover they have great personalities and that is why the public will adore them. I think that they are perfect for this kink of show. They are both serious and funny, they are sensitive but also tough when its the case…They cam make you feel the emotion, the tension and the excitement whenever its the case. In my opinion the are the perfect mix.

Now I will refer at the audience behind the cameras. I loved the idea that they don’t have an audience in the studio. First of all, it is better to have the feeling that only you are the audience, it seems more personal. I think that an audience will have destroyed the nice, friendly and relaxed atmosphere from the studio, with the crew providing natural reactions. It is really awkward to know that whenever somebody is laughing or clapping etc…. they do so because they are told to. I think that it makes less enjoyable the show. More than that, I believe that the guests are more relaxed and they feel more comfortable; the atmosphere is be more homely. On the other hand, I love the fact that they try to involve the audience in front of the television by convincing them to vote for different causes, by making them participate in all sort of events.

In terms of the studio, I think it looks great. I like the mixture of the colours, but I think that here is just a matter of tastes. I like the fact that is more different than others. You can recognise it very easily. It is very modern due to its furniture, its lightnings and also due to the colours. It makes you enjoy even more, every part of the show.  I believe that the decor fits perfectly with the world in which we live now. Unlike other studios, this one seems to me more welcoming, more comfortable, more homely but also more stylish.

In terms of the sound, I noticed the fact that they don’t cross the limit. I mean its not music in the background all the time, they chose carefully the sounds that they use and also the music. They keep the perfect equilibrium between image and sound.

In terms of audience, I think that it would be better if they allow the public to call live 10 minutes at the end of the show, time in which the audience can ask questions to the guest. By doing this, I think that the public will be more and more interested in this show, and the audience will increase.

My second programme is Britain’s got talent. I must say that I really enjoy watching this show, and I think that I have seen almost all the series on Youtube. Though this programme doesn’t appear on a daily basis, I think it has a great impact amongst people. I mean the idea of the show is extraordinary. Ordinary people become famous over night, they entertain the public with incredible things. It is incredible what talents are hiding behind simple people… I think this show is breathtaking. You don’t know at what to expect to, you don’t know what are you going to see at that show. It is not like The one show, which is mostly based on the life of celebrities and news. This programme is about people like you and me, who have the opportunity to show their talent in front of the whole world, hoping to be noticed and win the grand prize, thing which would certainly change their life. So I believe that it is unique. I definitely think that this type of programme attracts every type of audience, regardless the age, gender or colour. Is for everyone’s taste.

Regarding the presentation, unlike The one show were the presenters had the main role, here the things are different. The most important role is that of the judges. The presenters only introduce the contestants into the stage, while the hard work and all the attention is pointed at the judges. Now,  I will refer mostly to the 2009 and 2010 judges: Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. I think they were really carefully chosen. I mean, they were really good at what they were doing, they were professionals. But their personalities were so different. I think that they were the cherry on the cake. They added a little suspense on the show, and they were the ones that aroused emotions in the hearts of viewers.  For example Simon was more harsh, more tough and he always said exactly what he thinks. On the other hand, Amanda not only that is really beautiful but she is also sensitive and is more careful at the feelings of the contestant. She always defends her point of view.  And Piers, I think it represents the equilibrium between those two mentioned above. So, we as audience can hear several opinions and comments, and we can even recognise ourselves in the image of one of the judges. Another important difference between these 2 shows, is that in The one show the presenters have a script, while at Britain’s got talent everything is more spontaneous, because the judges speak only what they really think and express their own thoughts and emotions.

Moreover, in terms of the audience, these show is really different that the other one presented above. It has a very backstage audience. The approach is different this time. I think that in this kind of show the audience is good, because it highlights the emotions of the contestants, their failures and their successes. I think it highlights the fact that everything is real, is not only a show were the audience is paid to applaud or to laugh. Their reactions are natural. And they also add an extra suspense. The audience from the back of the cameras, is mostly composed of the families and friends of the contestants.

Furthermore, I think that the studios of the 2 TV shows are quite different in several aspects, beside the fact that the one from Britain’s got talent is a lot bigger that the other. Both studios are really amazing in terms of colours and furniture. But the big difference between those two is that at Britain’s got talent, the music, the sounds, the lights, the colours are set according to the preferences of every participant. The decor always fits perfectly with everything that happens on the stage. The changes are not major, is more about the lights and the colours, but I think that these details really help to create a very good atmosphere.

Director role (For Assessment)

Few months ago I saw social media only as a place of communicating with your family friends, or keeping in touch with people you don’t know and their work. But as the days passed, this module learned me that social media is much more than that. Social media can be a very useful tool for your professional career, because through social media you can promote yourself and also your work and it gives you the possibility to get in touch with people that otherwise you wouldn’t have the chance to meet. All this Facebook revolution helped us understand that now we have the chance to get in touch with people from every corner of the world, receiving information in real time and being able to make us noticed.

Furthermore I will talk about my profesional development on the role of a studio based programme director. At the beginning it was a real challenge for me to be a director, but after a while I’ve started to become more and more confident. In this job the key to success is communication. Also in this area, Facebook was really important for all of us, because we had the chance to communicate with each other at any time, whenever we had something to say. Facebook and platforms like Facebook made our life easier. We evolved, we weren’t using Facebook only for entertainment and only for keeping in touch with our families and friends. Now we were using it at another level: academic purposes.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the project, as a director I wasn’t satisfied about how the camera people were working, because they were standing steal, they weren’t so creative. So I talked with them, I told them that I need to get shots from different angles, I told them that I want them to be more dynamic, I want them to capture little details, the presenter’s reactions etc.. I also wanted some closeups on the presenters, on the contestant and also on the food that we used, in order for the public to have a better sense of what is happening in the studio. I wanted them to film in parallel  both the presenters and the contestants when was the case, for example when it was the interview, because while the presenters were interviewing the banana mascot, the contestants had to make the food art round.  Another problem at the beginning was the fact that they couldn’t follow very well the presenters while they were moving, and sometimes they were cutting their head from the shot, but they got used to it and they fixed the problem. I needed to permanently communicate with the VT operator, with the floor manager and with the camera people, and in the same time I had to pay attention at the script and at the shots. It is kinda of hard to do all these things in the same time but I got used to it.

On Thursday, when we had to record our programme as live, we were all nervous and panicked because we had some problems with the autocue and with the VT player. The atmosphere  was tense so we’ve tried to relax and to enjoy what we’re doing. Unfortunately we became to relaxed. There was a lot of chat in the studio, thing that distracted me a little bit. I needed to be focused in order to observe every detail, and every shot and that is why I’ve made some mistakes and I didn’t choose always the best shot. We also had some problems with the timings, because the instructions were not clearly heard every time, and people got confused. Many things were happening in the set, there were 4 people, and we couldn’t always catch their best reactions. We should have been more quick and more focused on what we were doing. Another problem that I’ve seen is the fact that in some shots the contestants are not fully visible, we can see them only from one side. I think that these problems are normal in one way or another because we are beginners, and we’ll need a lot more practice and experience in order to make a perfect TV show.

Now when I’m watching a movie, or a TV show I’m starting to pay attention at things that maybe in the past I wouldn’t even notice. I start to analyse the frames, I’m paying attention at the way in which is made, I’m trying to pick up some ideas… I’m also paying attention at the way in which the camera people are filming. What I love about this role is that you can’t get bored of it; it is really interactive and it really keeps you focused on your work. Being a director is like a dream job for me, it is exactly what I would like to do, and that is why I want to practice more and more.

Having this role helped me realise how important is to work in a team. Now I know exactly what Karen wanted to say a few weeks ago: ‘TEAMWORK is essential to the success of your programme – you will only be as good as your weakest person!’. Now I know that we depended in one way or another one of each other, especially because we were a small team.  All in all I see this project as an experience, I’m happy because I learned so many things, I learned how to work in a team, I also improved my technical skills, I learned that I always have to pay attention at what is happening around me, I always have to be alert and take quick decisions and we’ve also learned how is to work under pressure. And returning to what I said in the beginning, in the future I’m positive that I will use all these platforms like Twitter or Facebook in order to promote my work and to start making new contacts in this area. I think its a great chance to start making a new business.

The “as live” recording


Thursday was a big day for all of us, because we recorded our first TV based programme. We had to give the best that we could, because we wanted to prove that we really worked at this project and we enjoyed doing it. We were stressed about the time, because we had only two hours in order to finish everything, so we met a little bit earlier to discuss again all the details, and to see if everyone knows what they are supposed to do. While being there, we talked with other groups which already recorded their programme, and we’ve found out things that panicked us a little bit. For instance one of the groups had problems with their videos and they had to put the videos on a tape again, and the other group couldn’t record their programme on the tape.

When we got in the TV studio we knew that everybody must concentrate on their job and that everybody needs to work really fast, especially when building up the set because we had a lot of props and details. We had to glue some pictures and letters on the background material, but they were constantly falling down, so we had to put them on the material over and over again. Overall, I think that we had a great set, that really fitted our theme. I think that it was complex and stylish if I can say so, because we used many props, we covered all the studio, we tried to fill the background with several things, we put in the middle the logo of our programme and we were careful at details.

After we finished the set we were really enthusiastic and happy about it, because it took us little time to build it. So we thought that there’s nothing to worry about from now on because everybody knows what they’re doing. Unfortunately we were wrong. We had two big problems, that thanks to Bex we managed to solve. One of the problems was the fact that the autocue was not working properly. We hadn’t so much time, so I’ve asked the presenters if they can give it a go without the script, and they said that even if they don’t feel comfortable, if its the only solution they’ll do it like that; but luckily, Bex solved the problem.  When we wanted to start recording, we had another problem with the VT’s. We had to wait another 10 minutes in order to fix it. I was a little bit panicked, because we had only 50 minutes left or so, meaning that we could make only 3 takes.

The atmosphere in the studio was ok, but everyone was nervous, thing that was obvious especially at the first take, when we couldn’t coordinate the timings. Our second take, was better, the presenters and the camera people seemed to feel more comfortable and I received pretty good shots, but since we had time for another one we decided to give it another ago. The last take was the best, the presenters acted really good, they were funny, spontaneous, the camera people managed to capture all kind of details, they’ve filmed from different angles, they were more creative and more careful than ever. So our final take was the best one. I cannot say that its perfect, because we had some mistakes such as: we caught out the length of one of the videos, because the video was a little bit longer than what we had on the timings, and the other problem is related with the credits, because againg there was not a good synchronisation.

I’ve also made some mistakes, because I had to pay attention at a lot of things, and one or two times I didn’t knew exactly what shot to pick, but overall I think it went ok. Yes, of course we have many mistakes, but overall I am pretty satisfied of the final result. I really enjoyed working with everyone of my colleagues, and I am certain that we all had a lot of things to learn from this project. For instance, I’ve discovered that being a director is exactly what I want to become. I know its a lot of work, I know that I’ll have many responsibilities, that I’ll have to be really dedicated to my work and so on, but I am pretty sure that if I practice a lot I can make my dream come true.


Before the holiday we had a quite good perspective about how our programme is going to be: we had a draft of the script, we had some ideas regarding the set, we knew what VT’s are we going to include in the programme, and we knew who person we’ll be interviewing. But in my opinion the hard part came after the holiday, when we started to think at the details that made the differences between our show and others.

The most important thing that we needed to finalise was the script, so the presenters had to add their own jokes to the script, they had to add things that are more related to the internet in order to fulfil the brief completely.  In order to be more Internet based, the presenters will have a laptop in the studio, and they will pretend that the videos that we are going to include in the programme are send by the audience. Then, after the script was done we managed to make the timings, though it was pretty hard because we didn’t knew exactly how long the game rounds are going to be, or exactly how long it’s going to be the interview because we weren’t able yet to make any rehearsals with the contestants and with the banana mascot. We had to make several rehearsals in order to be sure about the timings, because here the precision and the coordination is everything.

Moreover, in my opinion our biggest problem was the set. Before the holiday we were thinking to use for the background a traditional wallpaper, with a park,  because we wanted to fit  our theme, and we wanted to make everything like at a picnic. But then, I thought that this kind of background will be totally inappropriate because our programme is supposed to be on a weekly basis, and the background must fit any kind of theme. Then I talked with them about it, and we discussed about a flowery wallpaper. I still wasn’t satisfied, because in my opinion you can’t put a background with flowers in a show were both of the presenters are men, especially if it is with white and pink. Finally we decided at a simple material, purple or green because we thought that it will look better and I was happy with the idea. After one of my colleagues bought the material I saw that it is actually pink not purple or green, so I have my doubts that this colour was the best choice. We are going to make some drawings on it, and then we’re going to use a big logo of the programme in the middle, and some funny pictures with the presenters. Another problem was the floor, which looks really bad, so we needed something to cover it. We found an orange carpet, which definitely wasn’t matching the background colour, so we had to be creative. We decided to turn the carpet on the other side which was white, and now it looks better.

Regarding the set, we are going to divide the studio in two parts, one for the interview and one for the game rounds. Regarding the games, we want to make everything as funny as possible because it’s a comedy show, and we are going to use: picnic table cloths, babybibs, cocktail umbrellas, food, plastic knives and forks, cocktail sticks, napkins, cups, blindfolds, drums etc.. As I mentioned in an earlier post our programme is going to be about food, and so are the games. So we’ll have to be careful at what type of food are we going to use, because it shouldn’t be messy, so we thought at fruits and vegetables.

I am really happy with the videos that we’ve picked for the programme because I think that they are really appropriate, and I think that they perfectly match with both of the themes spontaneity and also food. These are the three videos which we are going to include in the show, and the last two were found by me:

Another thing that I want to mention is the fact that I am really satisfied with the titles made by Rhys. He did a good job, because the titles announce the main theme of our comedy show which is spontaneity, and in the same time is dynamic and funny:

Studio programme

Before the holiday, our group had a lot of meetings, because we had to decide many things such as the theme, the script, the content, the videos that are we going to use, the set, the timings etc.. We wanted to have all the aspects done until the holiday, because after we come back we’ll have only 2 weeks until the due date, and we want to use our time especially for rehearsals.

The theme that we choose is food, because it is really popular, and is something that can attract every type of audience regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. More than that, we want to make something funny and spontaneous, so we are also including games based on food. The only problem is that we have to choose really carefully the food items that are we going to use, because using food in the studio can turn up to be really messy, and we don’t need this type of complications. Also, we have to make sure that none of the contestant are allergic to the food that we are going to use. At the beginning we wanted to have three game rounds, but time is too short. So we decided upon these two rounds: the first one is the food tasting round, where the contestants must guess what ingredients they tasted, and the second round is called the food art round, because they have to make a piece of art using fruits and vegetables.

The set must fit the theme, so we thought at a traditional, countryside background, using picnic tables, baskets etc. We still have to decide upon the background, because we don’t know what wallpapers are we going to use. We’ll have two separate parts of the studio: one for the contestants and the games, and one for the interview.

I am happy that we managed to make the script, though we had some complications with the timings. After we made the first draft and we write it on the autocue, we’ve made some changes on the paper, and the timings weren’t matching the script that was on the autocue. So we had to stop the rehearsals in order to solve that problem.

Also, we are going to use a mascot, wearing a banana costume. The mascot will be the one that will bring the envelopes with the game rounds and with the winners to the presenters and it will also write on a board the score of the rounds. We also thought that it will be really funny to do the interview with the mascot which is going to talk about her life as a fruit. Regarding the performance part, Nigel is going to make a food rap. He will be given three words (vegetables, fruits, sweets etc), and he must create rhymes based on those words. This moment will represent also the end of the show, and during his performance we are going to roll the credits.

We also chose the videos that we are going to use. As the show is called NET TV, we must highlight the connection with the internet. So the presenters will have a laptop, and they are going to pretend that they are receiving messages from the audience, and that some of the videos are send by people who are watching the show.

Studio programme – research

We decided that everyone from our group should make some research, and then post what we’ve found on our Facebook group. Then we are going to vote the videos and the facts that are the most appropriate for our programme. Here is what I’ve found:

Broadcast Project

Like I’ve said before, we have to make a 10 minutes studio based programme. As we belong to the Spontaneity group, we must make a show based on this concept. What was really hard, was the fact that we didn’t knew from where to start, what things we should take in consideration, and what sort of content will we include in the show. Another problem was the fact that he have to be spontaneous, but in the same time we have to carefully plan all the details in order to have a great result.

The editorial workshops were really helpful, because we learned how we must think, from where we should start when we want to make a TV show. In our case, we should first decide what really means spontaneity for us, and then search some materials that define this concept. By doing this we’ll get inspired and then we can think at ideas for the content. In the workshops we watched some really good materials that fit our theme. The one that drew our attention the most was Smosh, a website shown by Jessica, which contains a huge range of funny pranks. We decided, that we should use in our programme funny moments or pranks, because the audience adores these kind of things and more than that , the reactions of the people from this videos were truly spontaneous.

Moreover, we thought at things that attract the audience, and we decided that we should also include games in the programme, because games are still popular and everybody loves them. We also took in consideration the idea of including a child in the programme, because children are spontaneous, funny and sweet. Unfortunately, this idea was not so good because it is really hard to work with  a child, because they get tired really easy, you cannot control them, you don’t know at what to expect from them, and more then that they can be really shy in front of the cameras.

At the studio session we have picked roles, and since we are a small group everybody received an important role. Like Karen said teamwork is really important, because everyone of us has a crucial role, and the failure of one of us will represent the failure of the whole team. Personally, I wanted to be the director and I’ve succeeded. I know that is a hard role, I know that I have many responsibilities but I wanted to challenge myself, I want to become more and more involved in everything. I don’t have experience in this, so I will practice a lot in order to have a good result. I also searched on the internet about TV directors, in order to be as informed as possible about this role:,,,

Now we have to get to work, and decide the content of the programme. After we decide upon the content, we have to write the script, and then things will be easier for everyone of us. Of course we’ll have to practice a lot because I think that this is the key to success. I am really happy with our group, because we are getting along very well, and everybody wants to get involved in this project as much as they can.