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Masculine Feminine
Men were considered from the beginning of the world leaders. Women were considered weak and they had very few rights in comparison with mans.


They had the power of decision, they were the ones who had the right to vote. They didn’t have the power of decision, and their word was not taken into consideration.


Men were the ones in charged with the economical aspect. The woman’s ‘job’ was to take care of the house and of the kids.


Men were considered tough and invincible. Women were considered sensible and they felt the need of protection.


Certain types of jobs that requires strength can only be made by men. Meanwhile, there are only very few types of jobs that can be made only by women.


The man who had as many women as possible was considered the best. Women who had more than one man were considered easy going.


Men had the right to wear whatever they liked, even typically feminine accessories like wigs. On the other hand, women had restriction at what to wear. They were not allowed to show their body under no circumstances, and also they were not allowed to wear pants.


Nowadays, metro sexual men are seen very well by the society. Meanwhile, women who practice bodybuilding, which is a sport dominated by men, are seen strange, and people usually criticize them.


Men solve their problems through violence. Women choose instead to cry.


Drunk men are not judged too harshly by society. 


On the other hand a drunk women is usually misjudged.
In some countries men are allowed to have more than one wife (polygamy). Meanwhile, women are punished if they don’t respect their husband.


Men mature slower. At the age of 17-18 they are not mature enough. Women mature much faster than men. At 17-18 years old women are mature person


Men don’t want to recognize when they are wrong, because they are too proud to admit their mistakes. On the other hand women admit their mistakes.


One of the basic definitions of narrative is story, but if we want a more academic definition we can look at the one made by Bordwell and Thompson that says that: narrative is “a chain of events in a cause/effect relationship in time and space”. So narrative represents the way in which stories are told, structured and understood. In order to investigate and understand a narrative we should pay attention at the following concepts: examining narrative structure, exploring the process of narration and explaining the social, political and ideological assumptions of narratives.

Two theorists of narrative structure are:Tzvetzan Todorov and Vladimir Propp. Todorov says that most Hollywood movies are structured around 5 main stages: equilibrium, disruption, recognition, attempt and enhanced equilibrium. Moreover, Vladimir Propp analyse in his book Morphology of the Folk Tale (1928), many examples of a certain type of folk story. He discovered that we can group characters and their actions, and each of them will have key functions: hero, despatcher, villain, the false hero, donor, helper, princess, father.

The process of narration is not only about how narratives are structured, it is also about how the audience will react at that media project. In order for the audience to understand  a text or any media objects they have to make a connection between events.

Shrek is a very successful comedy animated film, released in 2001 and directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. Even from the first part of the movie we can identify one of the 5 main stages of the narrative structure investigated by Todorov. The first stage: equilibrium represents the quite life of a green ogre that always enjoyed living peacefully in his swamp. The next stage, disruption, is represented by the appearance of some fairytales beings like Pinocchio, donkey and the Three little pigs who are forced by the Lord Farqaad to enter in Shrek’s swamp. In this way, they disrupted the peaceful life that Shrek had. The next stage: recognition, is represented by the fact that Shrek tries to convince Lord Farqaad to give his swamp back. In order to give him the swamp back, Lord Farqaad, who wants to become a king, makes a deal with Shrek. Lord Farqaad’s only possibility of becoming a king is to marry Princess Fiona, so he puts Shrek to rescue her.

The next stage, attempt, is represented by Shrek’s and donkey’s attempts to save Princess Fiona and the challenges that come into their way in order to succeed. When they arrived at Lord Farqaad’s palace they find themselves in a tournament. The winner will then try to rescue princess Fiona. Shrek easily wins the fight, and then he travels to the palace where Fiona is being held prisoner. There they find  a dragon and donkey sweet-talks with the beast in order to protect himself. Then, he discovers that the dragon is a female who falls in love with him. In this way, Shrek manages to rescue Fiona and saves the donkey from the Dragon’s clutches. On their way back, Shrek falls in love with Fiona but is afraid to tell her his feelings. In one night donkey discovers that Fiona turns into an ogress every night due to a curse, and the only chance for her to become who she really is, is to receive a kiss from her true love. Shrek thinks that Fiona is disgusted by him  so he brings her to Lord Farqaad.

The final stage, enhanced equilibrium represents the end of the movie. Realising that he misses Fiona, Shrek decides to go and interrupt the wedding. He gets there until Farqaad kisses her, but not until the sunset, so she turns into an ogre. Disgusted by all that is happening Farqaad orders Shrek killed and Fiona imprisoned, but he is burst in flames by the Dragon. The end is a happy one, because Fiona and Shrek admit their love and they get married into the swamp living happily ever after.

Now, if we match Propp’s list of character roles with our narrative the list will look like this:

  1. hero: Shrek
  2. despatcher: Lord Farqaad
  3. villain: Lord Farqaad
  4. the false hero: Lord Farqaad
  5. donor: Dragon
  6. helper: Donkey
  7. princess: Princess Fiona

All of this characters have a tight connection between them because in one way or another they help at the development of the story. For example, even if Lord Farqaad is a negative character he helped in building the story by making him the one who send the hero on his way. By forcing Shrek to pass all the challenges, he helped in building the heroes character. He helped the main character to develop better, to exceed his expectations. The hero passed through an initiatory journey that had ultimately shaped his character. Donkey is also a very important character, because without him, Shrek would have not succeeded. He is the one who aid the hero into his quest and he is the one that made Shrek realise how good it is to have someone you can rely on.  So all of this characters have a very important role in this story, and if one of this characters would have  been missing, the story would have not been the same.

WALL-E is an American animated film, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton and is one of my favourites. This is the second film that I choose in order to see if it has the same narrative structure as the one investigated by Todorov. The first part of the movie represents the first main stage, equilibrium. The film takes place in the year 2085, on the planet Earth that is now covered with trash due to the corporation Buy n Large. All the humanity was evacuated into space, and on Earth were left only trash compactor robots called Wall-e, in order to clean the planet. After 5 years the planet Earth became too toxic to maintain live. Only one robot remained active. The next stage, disruption, is represented by the appearance of Eve, a robot from outer space who was sent on Earth in order to find signs of plant life. Even if she was cold and hostile at the beginning Wall-e falls in love with her and brings her into his house. He shows her a plant that he discovered earlier in that day, and Eve who was programmed to find a proof of plant life stores it inside herself and shuts down. The ship returns to collect Eve, and Wall-e follows her into that ship.

The next stage, recognition, is represented in the movie by the life from outer space. Wall-e realise that all the people who were evacuated from Earth 700 years ago, are suffering now of obesity, and they are no longer used to communicate face to face. Their life is all about technology, they don’t know even how to walk. Wall-e starts to follow Eve and he sees that the captain of the ship is scanning the plant brought from Earth. However, Auto – the ship robotic autopilot – stoles the plant. With the plant stolen, Eve is considered now  defective. The next stage, attempt, represents the attempt of Wall-e to save Eve, mistaking Eve’s inspection with a torture. Accidentally  he release many malfunctioning robots. Eve believes now that Wall-e has a bad influence and she tries to send him back on planet Earth. Then, they see that the Auto’s robot assistant is placing the missing plant in one of the pods, in order to launch it and set it to self – destruct with Wall-e inside. Eve and Wall-e get back together and they bring the plant to the captain of the ship, who takes the decision that the humanity must return on Earth in order to restore their homes. Auto tasers Wall-e while he tries to protect the plant. Eve knows the only pieces that can save Wall-e’s life are in his truck, so she manage to send the ship back on Earth.

The enhanced equilibrium stage is my favourite because it represents a beautiful and happy ending of the story. Being back on Earth, Eve takes Wall-e to his home and she manage to repair and activate him, but unfortunately Wall-e’s memory is erased. Being very sad, Eve gives Wall-e a kiss which causes an electronic spark which brings Wall-e back to normal. Wall-e and Eve are now happily reunite and they help in restoring Earth’s environment.

Now I will match Propp’s list of characters to the characters from the movie.

  1. hero: Wall-e
  2. despatcher: Eve
  3. villain: Auto
  4. the false hero:
  5. donor:
  6. helper: Captain
  7. princess: Eve

In this movie there are not to many characters, so every character has a very important role. Wall-e, is the hero of the story and even if he is not a human being he reacts, feels and acts as if he is one. Because he was alone for more than 700 years he developed a personality. He is very curious, sensible and friendly. When he sees Eve he automatically falls in love with her and he becomes very protective. Being so friendly he helps also other characters. For instance, he is the one who teaches TYP-E how to wave, he breaks John and Mary out of technology and he is the one who makes the captain of the ship becoming interested again in Earth. The most important thing from all is that he helps Eve to grow and develop from a cold and hostile robot, to a robot that feels love and compassion for him. So all the characters had an important role in  building the main character’s entire personality.

The print based media object that i have chosen for this thask is Harry Potter and the Sorceres’s stone. This is a well known  novel written by JKRowin, that drew children’s attention for the simple reason that defies reality.


The main character is a little wizard of eleven years, whose parents were killed after his birth. The  Dark wizard named Voldemort  killed his parents, and after that he also tried to kill their little baby named Harry. When he tried to kill him, he began to lose his power and ran away. Harry remained only with a scar on his forehead. Since then he has remained famous as being the only guy who kept the Dark Lord Chest.
After her parents were killed Harry was taken to his uncle house by Hagrid, a giant  who worked at  Hagrid Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He spends his first 10 years without knowing that he might have special powers.


Suddenly a letter arrives to his house from the Hogwart School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, announcing him that he was accepted as a student and he will begin his courses soon. His uncle Vernon is not happy about this news, and he destroys all the letters that came from that school. Suddenly, a huge man that works as a groundskeeper of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft comes at Harry’s house and helps him to escape from his house in order to be able to study at Hogwarts School.


After he finds out the truth about his parent’s death and after he prepares himself for school, Harry starts his courses on September. He becomes very quickly  friends with Ron and Hermione and before Christmas they break many rules of the school, inclusive they attack a troll and prevent it from killing Hermione. Harry is very busy with his homework and with his Quidditch practices, his favourite game.


The three friends want now to solve the mystery of the gigantic three-headed dog, thinking that a vary valuable object in hidden in the school, the Sorcerer’s stone. Then they see that one of the teachers starts acting strange, as if he wants to steal the stone. In order to save the stone, they go into  the bowels of the school, where Ron and Hermione help Harry to pass some challenges in order to get to the place where the stone is hidden. Harry must go alone to battle the professor, but when he gets in the room he discovers there somebody else: Lord Voldemort. Now, Harry is forced to battle with the most powerful wizard. Even if he has very bad injuries he manages to save the stone and Dumbledore, the headmaster of the school, comes in just in time to save Harry.

Enhanced equilibrium.

At the end of the school year, Harry, Ron and Hermione are honoured for the service to the school, and Harry stays at Ron house on the summer holiday. There he feels like he founded a place where he belongs.

  1. hero: Harry Potter
  2. despatcher: Hagrid
  3. villain: Lord Voldemort
  4. the false hero: Draco Malfoy
  5. donor: Dumbledore
  6. helper: Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and Dumbledore

Media object that does not conform to Todorov’s linear narrative structure

Magazines and newspapers do not conform to Todorov’s linear narrative structure nor to Propp’s narrative functions due to the fact that they represent reality. For example, if you find an article in a newspaper regarding an event that happened in an artist’s life, you will not be able to recognise all the main stages of narrative structure mentioned by Todorov ( equilibrium, disruption, recognition, attempt, enhanced equilibrium), because that article does not present all the stages of that artist’s life and his background. Also in that article we won’t be able to group characters and their functions as Propp did, because the number of the characters will be smaller, and usually it is limitated to 2 or 3 characters. The meaning will be not so clear, due to the fact that the audience might not know exactly who is the person talking about and his background.



Genre is a term that is hardly defined. It can be seen as a system, which has some conventions and some codes which are shared by the producers and also by audience. 2500 years ago, Aristotle categorised two main genres: comedy and tragedy, and listed their main characteristics. But the difference is that nowadays genre are not seen anymore like a form of art, on the contrary they are seen as a source of entertainment.

These genres have some clearly defined characteristics, but not all of this characteristics must be fulfilled in order categorise a media object to his genre. For example, science fiction movies are usually set in the future, but this is not a rule – Star Wars is set a long time ago, in another galaxy. Moreover, usually a science fiction movie is about space travel and usually involves technology, but this are not defining characteristics. Science fiction movies don’t share only one element, there are a range of things that science fiction movies share, and a media object must have at least 2 or 3 of them in order to be called a science fiction movie.

There are also some advantages of genre. For example the audience feels more comfortable and has a sense of belonging, easier to market, and also its more easier for media to handle some genres objects.

My favourite movie genre is comedy, but I have moments when I don’t feel like watching this type of movie. So I try to adapt and I try to look for something that suits my state of mind. Thats why it is good to know a little bit about every genre in order to choose exactly what makes you feel more comfortable to watch.

72 hour Media Challenge

During our last Key concepts lecture we were given a task, a challenge actually.  We had to create a piece of media  based on the theme: university lipdub in 72 hours. Each small group  had to create a short segment that can be linked to their larger seminar group. For this task we also had some rules to follow: all the members of the group should participate at this activity, the music must not have a copyright, and we are not allowed to edit the movie.

A lip dub is a video which combines lip synching and audio dubbing in order to create a music video. One of the most popular lip dubs are those  which are filmed in a single shot whiteout  editing it.

At first we got really scared of the idea that we should produce it in only 72 hours, without time for rehearsals. After we found out about this task, my group gathered in the Ellen Terry building in order to come up with some ideas for our lip dub. We knew from the start that we should do something interesting, funny, creative but also that we should take this project seriously. Our first idea relates to Halloween. We wanted to make something like a horror movie, with creepy costumes because we could have found them very easily and also at a cheap price. We also had other ideas but this one seemed to be the most appropriate. Then we all decided to meet at 2 o’clock in order to go to the seminar, but unfortunately only one of us could stay at the seminar, so we choose Dean as our group leader. We met up with Dean after the seminar ended and we found out which idea will gonna be shot.

Our idea was to have in the centre of the story a sad person as the main character and around him all sorts of funny things such as: having a party, dancing, throwing with balloons, confetties etc. Then we started to think at the song that we need in the background. We had to look on Myspace for unsigned acts and ask the permission to use their songs. The sad person was wearing black clothes and the others were wearing bright colours in order to distinguish him from the others. Another problem was the location. Due to the fact that we hadn’t so much time and because of the lightening we decided to film in the Ellen Terry building. We met on Thursday at 6 pm, in order to finish our project. Everyone seemed to enjoy  it, so we had a great time there. I also really liked that we worked as a group.

I believe that we did a pretty job with this project, and I am quite satisfied of the final result. We respected all the rules given and we also had fun making it.

Regarding the other groups, I don’t know exactly how things worked out, but I have seen their lip dubs and I liked them very much. But, I believe that some of the groups should have been more careful with the quality of the image and sound. I believe that this was a constructive experience for all of us, and I am waiting for the final results, because  I am very curious about who’s gonna be the winner of this competition. Good luck everyone!!!!!!

Here is our lip dub. I hope you will like it!


Active audience – how can media influence our minds?

It is believed that active users seek for sources of media that fulfil their needs. They are more likely to be influenced by sources of media that they like than the ones they don’t. We are tempted to believe what we hear and see, we have the instinct to copy the actions and the thoughts of others. This can influence us in a positive way, but, unfortunately, this can happen in a negative way as well. . For example, young children imitate the violence rather than acts of kindness. That is because violent acts have a much bigger impact on them.

Furthermore, I’ve chosen for this task the movie: “ Take the lead”, a film based on a true story. If you look carefully you will see that many aspects of the film resemble reality, but unfortunately, the story’s happy ending is not always the same in reality. And then you start to meditate, to reflect upon the message of the film. You’ll think you can do something that could change you and the people around you and you’ll start to think that you could try to be a better person. You’ll find that behind every little thing it’s a deep meaning. You’ll realize that everything is about respect, trust and honour. You will realise that this qualities make much more than anything. The message of this movie is that if you are trying to give up violence and indifference you will manage to fulfil your dreams and get very far. If not, it means that you have chosen the wrong path.

On the other hand, children may not interpret this movie as written above. Maybe they understand the message differently, and here we can talk about a negative effect that this media object has on the audience and on the society. Children can interpret this acts of verbal and physical violence like something cool, that could make them more popular among their friends, or that can put them in the centre of attention. That is why it is not good for kids to watch this kind of movies, they don’t make the difference between right and wrong, and they can easily imitate what they see and hear.

The connection between audience and media.

Everything that is in connection with media must be very well planned in order to have success. Every producer must think at the following question:“Does it have an audience?”. This answer can be positive or negative. As a producer you must always make some research in order to see if there are persons who are interested in your idea. Any Media company has an audience research using focus groups, questionnaires and comparisons. If you want to make a profitable business as a producer you must first know the following things: income bracket, status, age, gender, race, location etc…of your audience in order to see if its worth it or not to put your idea in practice. It is very important to realise what you are producing because Media can easily influence peoples minds.

Furthermore I made some research about the categories that are commonly used in order to distinguish the target audience. This categories refer to: age, ethnicity, educational background, gender, economic status etc. This categories areA, B, C1, C2, D, E. This are called NRS social grades, a system which makes a demographic classification. Nowadays they are used by many companies in order to have a well done market research. Moreover I will post a table which I found on Wikipedia and which show us the signification of the grades.

Grade Social class Chief income earner’s occupation
A upper middle class Higher managerial, administrative or professional.
B middle class Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
C1 lower middle class Supervisory or clerical and junior managerial, administrative or professional
C2 skilled working class Skilled manual workers
D working class Semi and unskilled manual workers
E Those at the lowest levels of subsistence

Casual or lowest grade workers, pensioners and others who depend on the welfare state for their income


This system is very helpful because it gives us a sense about the interests, lifestyle, behaviour, relationships etc. of those social classes. For example people who live in the same neighbourhood tend to have the same lifestyle, behaviour and so on.  So if you make a statistic for each of this social classes you will easily know which will be the audience target for your idea.

Moreover I took every item from my Cabinet of Curiosities and I have set for it the target audience that I think is appropriate.

I believe that the movie Take the lead has as target the categories C1 and C2 , so that means the lower middle class and the skilled working class. Why? Because it is showing us the reality. Its showing us a group of misbehaved children who succeed in life without money. All they’ve need was respect, trust, honour and a person who believed in they.

Moreover, the commercials have a very important role in our life’s because they can influence the decisions that we make. Consequently, I believe that the commercials like the one that I have posted in my Cabinet of curiosities, have as audience target all the categories: A, B, C1, C2, D and E. Why? Because all of us need to keep up to date with the latest things that appeared on the market.

The next items are some TV shows from Discovery Channel which are made in order to show people things that they have not the possibility to see for real, such as some of the most spectacular and bizarre plants and animals on the planet, or the greatest places in the world. I believe that this kind of media is more interesting for the C1, C2 and and D categories because they maybe don’t have the possibility to see this things for real.

The next item is a horror movie: Drag me to hell. I personally don’t like this movie, because it doesn’t have something catchy, interesting. It is pretty basic. But I believe that this kind of movies fit all the market target categories, because all of us feel sometimes the need of watching something scarry, we need some adrenaline in our lives.

Youtube – one of the most well known search engines. I believe that this kind of items is more likely to be used by A, B and C1 categories. Why? Because their life is more connected with everything that implies technology and media. The people from the other categories are not very interested in thins kind of things, because they have more worries and concerns than others and maybe they are not used with technology and they prefer to do something else instead of using a computer.

Escher is a Dutch artist, who made some unbelievable drawings which have as target audience the upper middle class. Why? Because the people from this category are more cultured and seem to have a bigger interest in this kind of things.

In terms of music I prefer the dub step genre and I think that the audience target for this kind of music is B.


Street Art Manifesto

Street Art reefers to any kind of art which appears in the street, in public spaces. Street artists are those who have the power to speak, those who have the power to show their truly believes regarding political, social and environmental issues. This art is more an anti-authoritarian one, so this pieces of art tend to occur in an unfavourable political context, which deprive people of certain rights, in particular the right to freedom of speech, thought etc. Through street art, artists can communicate with people, can send them a message…Their work can have a very big impact amongst people, making them reflect upon everyday issues which are not seriously taking into consideration. It is very important also the opinion of the society regarding street art, because if people approve this form of art, than the message that street artists are trying to send can be even put in practice.

Through this form of art, street artists express their own feelings, thoughts, emotions. They try to make the audience understand their message, their deep meaning, their purpose. What is very important for street artist is that they must not be afraid to show their real feelings even if this is against rules or peoples opinion. We are all different, we can not act, dress, speak or treat each other in the same way because we are unique. So if you don’t understand street art don’t judge it, try to find its meaning, try to research a little bit about it before making wrong assumptions because it is very often when street artists are criticised for their work without any foundation.

Street artists will oppose political views every time they will fill the need, using all kind of  ways that make them feel comfortable, even if that implies also propaganda. They should not give up if they have the impression that no one is taking in consideration their message. They must fight for their goals and for their believes. They should not stop until their message is heard.

One of the most important aspects for a street artist is creativity. They should know how to attract peoples attention, they must do things that are out of the ordinary, that stimulates us visually, that are interesting and catchy, that have a hidden message which is waiting to be revealed. They should implement technology in their pieces of work whenever its possible.

The most important things of all is that street artists must strongly believe in their work. As long as they believe in their work, their art can take any forms and messages.

Furthermore, I will show you one of the most amazing forms of street art that I have ever seen. His work is a prove of hard work, creativity and ambition. Enjoy it!

How media works today?

Media means communication, technology, messages which are being transmitted to the masses. Media is a part of our culture, it is an interesting and complex field which is developing more and more. We always observe media from a personal or tacit point of view, but if we really want to understand what media really means  we should be looking at it from an analytical and critical point of view.

If we want to understand the concept of media we should start to ask some questions like: Why? How? When? What?. If we will start thinking like this we will begin to be visually literate, and this is a huge step for a Media Production student.

Many people think that media is only about TV and radio. But this is not true. Media is more than that: media is fashion, internet, life style, news, music, movies…So media is a part of our daily life. We are surrounded at every step by all forms of media. What role had media in our lives? It helped at our development? In my opinion the answer is obvious :YES! Media helped at our education, information, socialization etc…So the informative role that media plays in our lives is vital. But the most important role that media plays in our lives is the role of education.  There are many TV shows, movies, programs that have the aim to inform about different cultures, fashion, health, life style, curiosities,  amazing places, animals, latest news, wars,  crimes, robberies…

Also mass media has a very important influence in people minds. People let themselves  influenced of everything they read, watch and hear.  So mass media can  have also a negative influence amongst people. How many times it happened to you to see, hear or read something that is not true? Also a negative effect is that we have become addicted of all this forms of media…Can you imagine yourself without having television and internet? I don’ t think so. We are always staying in our free time in front of the TV or in front of the computer…The main form of socializing nowadays is through internet. We tend to forgot that we have a family, friends and so on. It is better to talk to people face to face instead of using a computer in order to communicate with them. We don’t meet as often as we did when this sources of communication does not exist and this is a bad thing.  As I said before media has become a part of our lives and this thing can be also positive and negative.

To conclude, Media in a word means life, because it represent everything that surrounds us. Media has a big role in our development, in our evolution as human beings. Media will never stop working  because it has one of the most important role in terms of communication, information, education, technology, research and divertissement. Media is everywhere.

Media now, 10 years ago and a century ago

How media started?

A century  ago the only sources of media were the newspapers and the radio…The TV is one of the greatest inventions of all times.  Television means a lot: news, pictures, videos, commercials, music, fashion.

The thing that makes all these possible is the video camera which was initially developed by the television industry. The video camera takes the place of the human eye, it is an amazing invention.  The first video camera was made in 1920 and it was a black and grey one, but the colour cameras which started to appear in 1950 were even a grater invention. It is a huge difference between black and white films and color films. Black and white movies have their charm…like you are entering a new world, a misterious one.For example  this kind of movies remind me about real gangsters, and I think that the decor and the atmosphere is suitable for this kind of movies. I also enjoy to watch at black and white comedies like Charlie Chaplin, but beside this I definitely  prefer the coloured movies. Why? Because it seems to be more entertaining, you can observe a lot more details, it stimulates you visually…Look at those videos that I posted below, both of them have their charm, but is inevitable not to  see the difference between them. The colour cameras helped the TV industry to reach this point, because everything is so real, everything seems to be like in the real life.  So we can not compare the sources of media that existed in that times with the sources that exists now. It is not only about technology, it is about the development of media. For example nowadays media means everything: movies, music, internet, news, Tv shows, newspapers, fashion, health…life style. But if we return back in time we can observe that all this things doesn’t exist. Then media was more about radio and newspapers… Now media means life. We have access to everything, we can find out immediately the latest news, the latest tendency in music, fashion etc…We can not compare our level of culture with the one that was 100 years ago, because now we can make research about any kind of thing in which we have an interest in. So if we think about it there are many more differences than similarities between our live and the live that people used to have 100 years ago.

If we are thinking about our lives we are probably also thinking that without media our lives would not be complete. Nowadays people are very influenced about everything that media includes. Many of us cannot imagine their lives without Internet, TV, radio, newspapers…But lets get back in time.  For example 10 years ago all this forms of media existed, but they were not as developed and accessible as they are nowadays.  Now when we are constantly surrounded by media it is very easy for us to access with only a click every information we want, to find out which are the latest news, games, music etc…10 years ago everything was much more different…children didn’t have the possibility to do research in order to gain knowledge.  They didn’t feel the need of talking on messenger, skype, facebook and others. Their lives were in one way or another different than ours.   They did not feel that all this forms of media are a necessity for them, like we are feeling now. Because lets face it: every little child raises with the computer and the TV in front of him, they grow up and think that all of this are natural things. Nowadays everyone uses the computer, the internet, the radio and the television like a natural think, we don’t think anymore that they are a great invention. They are accessible to everyone nowadays.

Media Diary


Day Time Medium What Where
Tuesday 10 pm. Laptop A horror movie : Drag me to hell  

1: 30 min

Wednesday 12:30 pm E-mail Checked e-mails  

25 min

Wednesday 02:15 pm. Facebookk Checked my profile on Facebook  

1 hour


Wednesday 03:50pm Blog Checked my blog and added some stuff  

3 hours

Wednesday 08:00 pm Youtube Watched some trailers of movies  

1 hour

Wednesday 10:15 pm Youtube Listen some music  

40 min

Thursday 09:10 am E-mail Cheked e-mails  

30 min

Thursday 11:20 am Blogs Read some blogs  

1 hour and 40 min

Thursday 01:05 pm. Ipod Listen some music On the street
Thursday 06:pm Blog Added some stuff on my blog Home
Thursday 10:15 pm Laptop Comedy, drama, music:  

Berlin calling

1:50 min

Friday 06:30 pm Facebook Checked my profile  

20 min

Friday 08:00 pm Youtube Listen to some music  

1 hour

Friday 10 pm Google Searching some good action movies  

50 min

Saturday 11:50 am Blog Wrote on my blog  

1:30 min

Saturday 14:pm Youtube Listen some music  

1 hour





For me the internet is a powerful source of media which keeps me up to date  with all the things that I am interested in. As you already have seen on my Media Diary I enjoy making research about all kind of movies and music, to see what people like and dislike, to be able to compare their opinions with my own point of view. 

I think that if you look at my media diary you will notice that I constantly use the internet in order to look at the things that I am interested in.  You can observe that I love to watch movies, I love to listen to music, I try to check my Facebook profile daily in order to find out the latest’s news about my friends and I also enjoy and try as much as I can to update my blog.

What I don’t like is to remain at a certain point… I always want to discover the latest news in terms of music and movies and I always try to research a little bit before watching a movie or listening a piece of music, because I am interested in seeing people’s opinion about it, to see if I can discover another meaning of it or if I will have the same opinion as they have.

You will probably notice that I have the same passions and interests like most of the people of my age, but I am constantly open to new things, I am constantly trying to discover the latest news in the domains that I am interested in. So I think that if you look at my Media Diary you will probably think that I am a cultured person, because I like to inform myself about all sort of things in order to gain as much knowledge as I can.