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Professional Profile – Website Portfolio

In order to start seeing myself as a professional media practitioner, I start using different platforms and networks, such as Shooting People, Twitter and Linkedin. I’ve start watching the work of various people who post their work through this platforms, because its a way of inspiring myself for my next projects, and in the same time I can see the way in which people work, how they approach certain ideas… During this year I would like to make a short movie, in order to upload it on Shooting People, to see how it goes. This can be a start!

I also decided that it is a good idea to make a portfolio website, in order to present myself to the outside world. As I didn’t had any previous experience in this field, I used only the projects that we made during the first year of Uni. Taking in consideration the fact that I was a novice in this field, I think that I was a quick learner, who managed to develop pretty quick some of the skills needed in this area. I wanted to show through this portfolio, that even if the first year of Uni was my first contact with everything that media means, I am really passionate about what I am doing, and I am really determined to learn fast all the things that I need in order to become a professional media practitioner.

Here is my portfolio website:

For the next year, I wish to deepen all the knowledges and skills that I have, because what I know now it’s only the beginning. I also wish to make a lot of extracurricular work, in order to practice as much as I can, because in my opinion practice and hard work are the keys to success. If I will be placed in a formal work placement that would be great, because I really want to see how things work on a real base. I am sure that this experience will help me see things differently, will make me more responsible, more mature and more determined. So, in conclusion in the next year I want to continuously progress, I want to become very good in what I am doing, because I dream at a career in Television and I want to make everything that I can in order to fulfil this dream.