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Neptun 5

On my fourth day I was assigned another task, which again had to do with filming interviews, but this time I had to focus on different types of shot such as B-roll and cutaways because the director wanted me to practice different things which can enhance my experience.

So for this particular shots I had to concentrate more on background compositional shots, which had to relate with the subject discussed by the Interviewee. For example if he was discussing about the architecture of a building, I had to get some shots with the object, some of them were wider shots showing the overall image, and other had to be close- ups in order to illustrate the details. Moreover, my other task was to make close-ups on the interviewee, in order to catch his reactions and emotions such as hand movements or facial expressions. This type of shots provide more material for the editor.

To be hones I’ve found this tasks a little bit harder then the previous ones, because now I had to focus on details and I needed to have quick reactions. I was afraid that I will miss some important details, or that I will lose the camera focus. At the beginning I was a little bit clumsy, and my hands weren’t stabilising the camera very well, and this is mostly to the lack of practice. Until now, I have used a tripod for most of the shots that I have done, thing which made things easier for me, as I didn’t have to worry about shacked image. Luckily I managed to control myself, and I got pretty good shots. At the end of the day, the director mentioned me some of the things that I did wrong, so that next time I pay more attention.

I do not blame myself for doing some mistakes, because in this way I can learn how to improve my skills and to work on my weakest points. As Benjamin Franklin says ‘Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out’.


Additional task – Documentary proposal

Title: DO Something!

Short overview:  this documentary will be exploring the poverty that exists all over the world, and the lack of care from people. It should raise awareness of what the future will look like if we continue act as indifferent in front of problems that will effect everyone in a couple of years.

The big idea: the examples that will be shown  in this documentary have nothing to do with poor countries such as India or Africa as an example. The documentary will be about the poverty from well developed countries, the poverty that surrounds us, that we have to face day by day. If the state doesn’t want to do anything about it, we as human beings should start and ware awareness. Even if the crises didn’t affected us, it’s just a matter of years. It will raise even more impact if in the programme will be involved celebrities that fight for the same right. If everything will become international, and if every country will support this cause by advertising everything, by making it worldwide, by creating events for this purpose we could start and involve the states in finding a solution.

A synopsis: – questions that the documentary will attempt to answer

– why poverty is such an important problem?

– why should we get involved?

– what can we do about it?

– how to get everyone involved?

– how to raise awareness?

– the impact that poverty will have upon us in a couple of years?

The audience: the topic of this documentary concerns everyone, so I expect that the audience should include everyone above 18 who are aware of the reality in which we are living and that concern about it.  I aim that most of the people that will be interested are average people, with a medium condition. But the real aim of this documentary will be to grab the attention of really wealthy and powerful people that have a better chance to really change something in this world.

The conflict: the conflict will be around the comparison between the life of the rich and the poor, and the little effort that some wealthy people could do in order to help those troubled.

Resolution: So with this programme I think we can convince the people to fight for their cause, to go against the system and to raise themselves a big question: with so much wealth in the world, why is there still so much poverty?

Elements and Characters: The aim is to involve as many people as possible, so it will be ideal to be captured in more countries, to make it worldwide, to show that we can unite ourselves for a purpose that concern us all. I think it will make authority because it will be spread, because people of any origin, nationality, colour, religion or age can be a part of it.

Length: 1 hour


Now, that I had to write my script, I completely understood how helpful can be a treatment while writing the script. The first thing is that I had to be careful at the layout and format, because it is really important. The most important parts of a script are: dialogue, names and actions, which must be typed and laid out distinctively, in order to be easy to tell them apart. Like I did with the treatment, I started to read some scripts in order to familiarise with them.

It’s not like everybody thinks. A script is not only about dialogue, and I’ve realised it when I started writing. A script is also about details regarding time, place, characters. You must describe them as detailed as possible in order to make a good script. My script, has a lot of dialogue, due to the fact that I had to include in 3 pages, all the action. I believe that I should have gave more details about the places and the characters, but I didn’t have more space.

It took me almost a week to write it and finish it. I read it loud several times to see exactly if I like how it sounds, and I’ve kinda liked it. I believe that is pretty good, considering that is my first one. I definitely believe that I would improve my work, and later on I will do better scripts.



It is coffee time. After a rainy day, the clouds begin to scatter. It is a relaxed atmosphere, due to the fact that no crime was reported for several days. Some cops gathered to talk. They are all dressed quite simple, and they seem to be bored.

MARK (ironic)

Hey guys! What’s up? Are you enjoying the moments of silence?

TONY, a colleague

Yeah. Some peaceful days are always welcome.


Hope that it will last at least 2 or 3 more days, until something bad happens.


You’ll never know. This city is so unpredictable.


Would you come for a beer with us tonight? We’re celebrating CHUCK’s promotion.


Yeah. Why not? I only have to fill in some papers and I’m done.

The phone is ringing. MARK goes to answer the phone.


Fingers crossed. Hopefully not bad news… I barely wait to get out tonight.


LA Police. Detective MARK MORGAN at the phone. With what can I help you?

STRANGER (he can barely talk)

Beverly Boulevard number 28, Mystique Club…I am shot in the back. Please help us

In the background are screams and gunshots.


Stay calm. Tell me your name please. We will be right there.

The phone connection was interrupted. Busy tone.


Guys, come on. We don’t have time to lose. We need to get as quickly as we can at Mystique club. Our moments of silence are over now. If I’m right the owner of this club is ANGEL LAGUERTA, the head of the mob.


Do you think that we need back up?


Certainly. Send there 5 police cars. You, you and you are coming with me.


MARK is driving. He is very nervous. He doesn’t says a word all the way there. He is thinking at a plan, but he doesn’t know exactly at what to expect.



Four of you come inside with me. We’ll enter the building through the back entrance. The others, surround the building, and make sure that no one manages to escape.



Be careful at your steps and don’t say any word. We should split. I’ll go this way.

A tall man, is patrolling on the main hall. MARK goes behind his back, and with a quick and precise move, hits him very hard in his had, with the gun. The man remains unconscious on the floor.

Going further, MARK hears some screams in the distance, and than a thick voice from one of the rooms. He recognises it. Its ANGEL LAGUERTA. His face turns red, and his heart starts beating really fast. The door is slightly opened. He takes a quick look, waits a few seconds and than he enters the room, pointing ANGEL with a gun.


LA police! Drop the bag and slowly put your hands behind your head. You’re arrested.

In the next second, ANGEL’S bodyguard comes in and stabbers MARK.


We should hurry! Its full of cops outside.


You can’t catch me. I have too many people by my side.


You won’t get away with this.

MARK pretends to faint in order to distract their attention. When they head to the door, MARK shots the bodyguard, than he manages to stand up.


ANGEL, stay were you are or I’ll shot you. You know I will, so don’t make something stupid.

While he threatens ANGEL with the gun, he puts him the handcuffs.


Be a smart boy and let me free. If you put me in jail, my man will find out who you are and you’ll regret this for the rest of your life. I promise.


Everybody says that. But the truth is that you’ll rot in jail.


MARK leaves the building, and surrenders ANGEL LAGUERTA to the other cops. An ambulance takes him to the hospital, for a small surgery and he spends the night there.


The phone is ringing.


Hello! Hello? Anybody there?


I’m your worst nightmare. I know everything about you and your family. Get ANGEL LAGUERTA out of jail, or you and your family will be dead.

Busy tone.


Who was on the phone sweetie?


It was a mistake babe.


The TV is on. On the table is an opened bottle of wine.


You know darling, I almost never tell you how much I love you. But I want you to know that you are everything for me.


I love you too.

Suddenly there is a hammering on the door.


I’ll get it.

MARK’s sister was lying breathless in front of his house. The mob made their first victim… Now the hunter became the prey… Who’s going to be next?

MARK is now holding his sister’s breathless body in his arms.


I’ll promise you that this is not over. I will revenge you sis, I swear.

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