Neptun TV 4

Because I was so enthusiastic about the interviews that we made a day before, today I had the chance to film interviews again. So this time I was eager to learn more rules and more  tips that help at the success of an interview.

Yesterday I was a little bit insecure about when should I move the camera angle or when to zoom in or out without interrupting the interview, so I asked the other camera operator about what techniques should I use in order to be positive that I am doing these things right.  So, I learned that I shouldn’t move the camera or zoom while the interviewee in speaking, unless there is a particular reason to do this. The best moment is to adjust all these things while the interviewer is asking the questions. Also, I had to be careful that some techniques must be applied in particular cases. For example if the face of the subject became emotional, it was appropriate for me to zoom in so that we can see his face in more details; if the subject moves during the interview, i have to follow him with the camera in order to keep a good composition of the shot; and if the subject is pointing out to something the best thing to do is to zoom out, so that the viewer can have an overall picture.

Today I also did a mistake. I closed the camera when I thought the interviewee has finished talking, but then he added something important and I felt like I screwed everything up. Fortunately no one said anything about this thing, except of a piece of advice – always leave an extra time of the shot, in order to be sure that the editor has enough space to cut the footage in the right place.


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